Monday, March 15, 2010


okay, so i reallly needed to talk to someone, and as there is no one else to talk to i guess ill just blog it out. to talk about it straight away i broke up with my boyfriend. and its tough. we would have completed 2 years next month. and now i am here going through my second breakup. my previous boyfriend was a jerk. and now again this... so maybe its just me or maybe its the people i meet.

i have had enough from him now. and being with him he made me go away from all my friends and now this. its really difficult now to pass though this stage when i have no friends of my own.

boys can be so mean sometimes, i know i should not judge all the guys only because few i met were not good. but still i cant help it. its just getting on my nerve. i cant concentrate on work or anywhere its just too much for me.

he is a good guy but not for me... for him all he wants is his happiness and his pleasure and his friends and me to trail along and if i ask for something he will only deny it nothing else, and on top of that say that i dont  give him space. the point is that i hardly get time these days and when i do get some free time  i want to spend it with him and he will always have some plans for that day. but will never try and meet me.

its just irritating... but i have had enough now.. ill not go back to him. its difficult i know.. and with no friends left to talk too its going to be a disaster so maybe ill just blog it out as i get time.




  2. one boy should be different from other boy

  3. hey it just takes some time to be normal...

  4. Hey,its good tht u wrote up about ur feelings here...

    Dont be upset..keep moving n things will get better with time...

    n yeahh.,...u hv a frnd here, who hopes to c u more frequently .. :)

  5. aww baby...we guys are just a call away and we think you are an absolutely gorgeous lady who is kissing the wrong frogs so when she meets her prince charming, she will realise how perfect he cheer up :)


  6. Aww...girl...Don't you worry...You'll get over him. Things will be alright...All men are jerks in one way or the other so dontcha worry....and the thing about having no friends right now...Am sure you have someone around you who cares.Even someone from the blogging world...Am there...I shall criticise boys with you. What say? and maybe there's a friend...a long lost one perhaps. If this relationship didn't work out there must be a reason and a good enough one too so keep smiling you pretty lil woman. :)

  7. there's a reason behind everything na? that ought to give you heart - that there is someone out there for you. :)

  8. aww...hug...@! big hug

    you'll take a little time but you'll get over him! trust me. you made the right decision. he doesn't seem like the guy you want to spend years and years of your life with :) you'll know it when you'll meet that guy..

    everyone goes through a few bad relationships in life.. its a part of life! some people are very lucky who find their soulmate the first time they fall in love. but most of us aren't :) BUT, trust me, you will find the right person. just carry on with your life, your work and have a good time! enjoy your life.. move ahead.. be in touch with your friends. true friends always understand. even if you've made some mistake, they'll forgive you.

    keep talking about whats bugging you... its good you blogged! keep blogging. even if you feel you might be irritating your readers by typing sad-posts everytime (like i do lol).

    life will be good!!!!! :) trust me

  9. Take care girl be strong did a small post for you... chk out if you get time...

  10. All I have to say is -- There are plenty more fish in the sea :)

    Take care and start reading 'non-love' story novels :P

  11. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaahah

    Jaha dekhi nari vaha ankh mari.. All are same.

  12. Hi Pooja,

    Came across your blog while surfing. Some nice writing there, girl! Keep going :-)

    Well, ask me how it feels to be in the same shoes as you. I feel like a jerk myself coz I keep entertaining the one jerk who makes life hell for me without even bothering to notice the misery he is causing me. What have I not done for him, I ask... Where did i go wrong? Not one sensible answer. Just a lot of pain and ego and loneliness.

    It hurts, trust me. It's not rosy, it's not easy. But sometimes saying goodbye is the best thing you can do. As I read somewhere - some relationships are like broken glass, you only ruin yourself when you try to pick the pieces. Let it go.

    Need an ear? Buzz me. A psychologist and trainer should be able to sort you out if not herself! ;-)

    Take care.


  13. the thing about girls like you is u fall for weirdo/macho guys who tends to show off and then repent later in life.....and the best part is u never learn from that mistake :)

  14. Gone thorugh the same situation,

    bt Im boy.see my profile name can understnd my pain.