Tuesday, April 13, 2010


RADIOOO MIRCHII 98.3 FM! I love the way they say this.... no I am not changing my career to RJing, though I won’t mind doing it if I get a chance. Anyway the reason I am writing this is cause I heard something very intresting on radio today morning.
Some people at CST station made the people who spit or litter clean up the trains. Like if you litter or spit they will come and handle you a bucket and a cloth ( better known in Mumbai as POCHA) and make you clean the place you just spoiled. Nice na? and I am actually so glad of it. Like this is something people should actually do.
Yeah, even I litter sometimes just out of habit but from today onwards I am making it a point to stop. I have no right to dirty the place I live in or any public property. So it my resolution now, afterall I cant tell others to stop unless I stop myself right?


  1. haha... I love Radio Mirchi too...Anyway yay for the initiative...it's pretty innovative. Glad things are changing round the city.

  2. hahah good resolve. keep it up. i don't litter, i carry the junk in my
    bag if i cant see a dustbin around! they should put more dustbins around


  3. oii where are u ?

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