Sunday, April 4, 2010


I saw LSD the other day...hmm well... nice movie or should i rather say different? obviously the direction is different and story too. i know loads of people would hate it but i guess thats just because it was a Indian movie if it would have been Hollywood flick people would have loved it. just like people loved to see bikini clad girls american pie. but when the same was kambakth ishq with  bit of Indian movie tadka people said its bullshit. don't get me wrong, i am no fan of kareena or akshay or of the whole movie altogether. but i don't even have anything against it, okay! getting back to LSD its diffrent, and i loved it. at least the Indian movie gets a refreshing touch of a new concept and not the usual love story or family drama or the normal dhishum dhishum.

the new actors are good, not all of them but some of them.

i read, "dont loose your mind, loose your weight", by rujuta diwekar.. i would say i loved it. some of the things said in it are very much do - able. and some are just not proper ( atleast for me ) but still i will try and loose some weight. tips people!!!! 


  1. Walking is good.

    Or take my job! The stress will make you lose 10 kgs in 10 hours guaranteed!


  2. Hey I enjoyed LSD too! :) Its different like you said! =)

  3. nice title for a book, feel like writing that on a tshirt!

  4. can you imagine my mum bought the book and sent it over to pune for me to read it :)

  5. Nice post. In fact, I have read quite a few posts of yours from a long time and liked your writing too!

    My advice to you would be-do use proper fullstops and commas in your sentences and take care about the grammar! :)

  6. is the book based on weight lose by diet alone?

  7. I have always loved difference and quirk. The move made me unsettled all throughout !

    You can follow me if you are not already.


  8. I have been meaning to read the rujuta diwekar book..let me know how it goes!! happy weight loss:-)