Saturday, May 1, 2010

Devdas and Dev D

Yesterday I watching devdas sanjay leela bhansali one. The song in the starting of the movie"sisila yeh chahat ka" got my attention.That song showed how diffcult it was to talk to someone who lives like thousand miles away. In the movie and the only way heroine gets to talk with the hero is through letters and nothing more than that. Hearing his voice is like impossible forget getting to see him and this was the condition of many love birds in olden days.

And Look at new Dev d. They are able to talk to each other everyday thorough webcam and for that matter even send naked pics. Can you see the drastic change in these two generations. I am not differentiatining or saying which one is better or anything related to it. I just thought about this while watching the movie and it amazed mme how different things are now than it was then.


  1. hey i missed tons of yur blogs :(!! howdy

  2. technology baby technology

    shahrukh would have asked aishwarya to send a naked snap too if DEV D director had directed them..sigh!

    one similarity is.. men were losers in that generation also. they always give up on amazing women who love them. FOR WHAT? EGO!!

  3. I sometimes wish I lived back in time....when it was JUST keeps things simple....romance and adventure would be like what we today read(or more likely watch). It's saddening really. It's why relationships don't work anymore. People don't want to make it work.