Thursday, July 29, 2010


The Numbness the sadness was getting back to her, when she woke up this morning she could not open her eyes because of lot of crying last night her eyes  were swollen and red her pillow had water in some places. being away from home and away from people she loved and cared about means a lot of pain. she started realizing it now.

but its not the time to head back or to feel sorry for yourself and go back to living a normal life. "its time to face what all mistakes i made in past two years and fight them and bury them in past" she told herself.
the pain the agony should vanish as time passed but never go back to that one person who had caused me so much pain, whatever happens ill never look back and go to my normal life. i  have left it back for good this is the new me now. and ill start my life all over again, she promised herself.

just checking

checking checking

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A book Lover

oh! Whats got into me ? I Dont believe myself when i sit and count how much i have spent impart month on books I have got
 Breathless in Bombay love story.
 a book on shah rukh khan 
short second life of bree tanner
last song
nights at rodanthe
and many more I guess i have really awakened the reading gene in me.

Monday, July 5, 2010


" I m going to discuss .... me sitting out"  it was easy to read his face how difficult the words were for him " im sorry" i was sorry i hated to make him do this. Not enough that i could fake a smile and tell him to go on ahead without me . Definitely not that much. "Dont apologiz" he said smiling a little bit " never be afraid to tell me how you feel bell. If this is what you need...." he shrugged " you ae my first priority. " I didnt mean it that way -- like you have to choose me over you family". " i know that besides thats not what you asked. You have me two alternatives that you could live with, and i choose the one that i could live with. Thats how compromise is supposed to work" i leaned forward and rested my forehead against his chest. "Thank you" i whispered. " anytime" he answered kissing my hair 
Twilight Saga eclispe. Stephanie meyer. 

And people ask me why do i love Twilight. Well how can a girl resist such romance and such a romantic saga. Seriously Who doesnt want edward and jacob in real life?