Sunday, July 18, 2010

A book Lover

oh! Whats got into me ? I Dont believe myself when i sit and count how much i have spent impart month on books I have got
 Breathless in Bombay love story.
 a book on shah rukh khan 
short second life of bree tanner
last song
nights at rodanthe
and many more I guess i have really awakened the reading gene in me.


  1. oh let us know which ones a really good one!

  2. Frankly speaking, not found this post interesting. Blogs must have with some sense, so follower like us, may enjoy. Hopes with something best come out of u, if u have.

  3. I know what u mean - when i go to a bookstore, I also lose control:-)

  4. Send some here, can't find a decent bookstore in this city