Monday, July 5, 2010


" I m going to discuss .... me sitting out"  it was easy to read his face how difficult the words were for him " im sorry" i was sorry i hated to make him do this. Not enough that i could fake a smile and tell him to go on ahead without me . Definitely not that much. "Dont apologiz" he said smiling a little bit " never be afraid to tell me how you feel bell. If this is what you need...." he shrugged " you ae my first priority. " I didnt mean it that way -- like you have to choose me over you family". " i know that besides thats not what you asked. You have me two alternatives that you could live with, and i choose the one that i could live with. Thats how compromise is supposed to work" i leaned forward and rested my forehead against his chest. "Thank you" i whispered. " anytime" he answered kissing my hair 
Twilight Saga eclispe. Stephanie meyer. 

And people ask me why do i love Twilight. Well how can a girl resist such romance and such a romantic saga. Seriously Who doesnt want edward and jacob in real life?


  1. Hey ! Somebody told me that it's an awesome movie and I resemble to the actress in it (*sigh*)... Hope you enjoying life.

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