Friday, August 20, 2010

26/11 Unknown heroes

I am reading a book on 26/11 named 26/11 the attack on mumbai.. guys its a amazing book and you have to read it to get all the information needed on the attack there is also a small chapter where they have given the stories of people who have actually noticed the attack..i  was really very touched by it and hence i am posting them here with the names as given in the book...

26/11 The attack on mumbai, pg no. 65

ordinary folks, extraordinary moments!

"i crossed my fingers and decided to take a chance": 
dr. tilu mangeshikar

when the terrorists opened fire. dr tilu mangeshikar along with daughter kalindi and her doctor husband prashant, was attending a wedding reception in the taj hotel. " i remember wondering why they were bursting loud crackers now when the baraat was already here", says mangeshikar. within seconds, the hotel staff confirmed gunshots, shut the doors to the crystal room and told the guests to duck. mangeshikar along with the other guests, crawled to the taj chambers where they were holed up for four hours.
around 2am we were evacuated/ three men in khakhi escorted us through a narrow corridor when suddenly bullets rained at us from the front. we stumbled back to the room that had been our refuge and baricaded the doors with the tables and chairs. mangeshikar then realized one of the hotels employ had been hit. " the bullet entered from rajan's back and had come out from front through the abdomen, his intestines had popped out". with no sanitized gloves in sight mangeshikar grabbed the hotel serviettes and pushed back the intestines into the wounded man,

the bleeding was controlled but rajan was writhing in pain. we did not know how log the ordeal would last and i had to do something. " fortunately, one of the foreigners has some painkillers. i just had to take a call. i had to take the call i had to take a chance and cross my fingers rajan would make it" she says. the painkillers worked. the injured man calmed down. when help came at 8am on thrusday raja was rushed to bombay hospital for immediate medical care. he was reported to have survived. thanks in no small way to dr. mangeshikar.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project 365 - day 4

Quotes - 1

okay, so i have also decided to start a new thing ( whatever you wanna call it ) il post some nice quotes or sayings or proverbs one liners or anything of that sort that i come across... only the once i like ha!
so here goes the first one, 
A real man doesn't love a million girls. He loves one girl in a million ways.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Aamir Khan and college???

i am watching dil chata hai now, was just wondering when i was in my primary school i used to sing "papa kehte hai" and say ill  be an astronaut when i grow up, aamir khan in that song had just graduated from college and was about step in the outer world.. and again when i went in secondary school, dil chata hai came.. where he was again in college enjoying his college life to the fullest!!! 

then at last when i was about to finish my school ie my 10th, did he finally finish his college as DJ in rang de basanti though he never left the campus.. and now when i am in COLLEGE, he again came back in 3 idiots.. 

what the hell is going on with aamir khan and college??? :O

Project 365 - day 2

Project 365 - day 1


i was sooo glad to go to the indiblogger mumbai meet today, it was just totally a new experience..the indiblogger team was very very very friendly and very comforting.. i was rather nervous before first going for the meet the moment i entered the hall i just thought of turing around and heading back home.. but good i didnt do that..cause what happed after that was really amazing..i met a lot of new people some old friends..

and i have also started a new topic " Project 365 " where i will post one picture everyday!