Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I Have been reading a couple of books these days and i am so
disappointed with the indian youth authors, the other day i went to
crossword just to check out some new books and to my amazement most of
the indian young authors wrote in more or less same pattern, like
their college life or love life and a lot of slang language. don't we
already have chetan bhagat? why do all have to follow his lead?
I know, even i don't write great but still...
Come on guys, we need something new to read cause honestly
atleast i am bored of reading the same type of thing!


  1. Yeah.. Agree With you.. People are following Chetan Bhagat a lot.. He's a great writer and I love his sense of humor.. but then.. copying his style really creates disappointments.

  2. Hi Pooja,
    May be all the authors would have got the same experience.. and try to put it in their own way.. Anyway the choice is ours.. Choose a good book..