Thursday, October 28, 2010

Like or dislike?

Yesterday a funny yet cute incident happened and i can't help but blog
about it,
i know this guy since a long long time actually my mom and his mom
were pregnant together and there's only 5 days ka diffrence betweem me
and him. but we despise eachother like anything. then yesterday we
both had gone shopping * Rolls eyes * i was totally prepared for a
super intense fight with him as thats exactly what we do everytime we
meet. yesterday was no exception! we started of arguing for no reason
at all after an hour i got fed up and told him not to talk to me, what
followed was 10 Mins of silence, after that he came to me and said,
"please talk!, its weird not talking." in a very cute way... it was
just impossible for me to be anymore angry on him...
and what followed was pizza and pasta for lunch an awesome shopping
spree and gelato ice cream to end the day!


  1. a Hindi Movie !!!!!

  2. hahaha.... Funny incident.. Such a sweet blog.. nice Pooja..