Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let the magic begin!

I recently say harry potter and the deathly hallows I, and i just have
one word for it "AWESOME". it was just so brilliant i guess one of the
best potter movie, my favorite still remains the prisoner of azkaban.
the movie starts with a brilliant show of how the three of them leave
their house and the part where hermoine uses "Memory erasing charm "
on her parents shows the director had gone in depth and had made it a
point not to miss out on technicalities like he did in the previous
part. the ministry part and harry saying "i musn't tell lies" to
umbridge sent chills down my spine. dobby and kreacher are just too
cute and bellatrix is as usual scary and hot the malfoy manor also was
nice, and the story of the beedle the bard you'll just loveee the
animation, and yes how can i forget nagini she is awesome cant wait to
watch in 3d.
when i first heard that movie was coming in two parts i had a problem
wondering if they'll make it right and i am happy to say that they
gave a perfect start and an apt ending!!!


  1. Nice. Glad you had fun. When do we see you acting in one of those?

  2. it was really good but they left out and changed so many parts!