Sunday, December 26, 2010

My christmas wish list!!!

I know its one day late!!! But who cares my santa will always do it for me right???

So here goesss my wish list!!!

1. I want a mac an iphone and various other latest gadgets!

2. A personal trainer and hair dresser who can manage my curly and out of control hair.

3. A nice life without any further sad parts or unwanted changes.

5. A credit card who's credit will never get over!!!

6. A library of my own

7. A movie library of my own

8. A nice cottage type house in my area (I know that is impossible)

9. A nice well settled life with him, well actually this is my first and most important wish but just though of writing it in the last! Last but definitely not the least!

Well, that's all for now! Dear santa hope its not too much for you and I believe you will fulfill them all! :)
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Project 365 - day 13

It says, we have problem for every solution, gang rules!!! If you hit us from behind we'll hit you back.
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Miss you aaji!

Cool breeze just a little bit of sunshine with sparrows on her window sill and she on her sofa all alone and literally all alone, last night was a shocker of her life with her mom out of town and all her close by relatives who work and stay abroad she was all alone when she realised that something went terribly wrong...
The morning started with a nice talk with mom then she called up the maid and told her to take a off today as she was home the whole day and wanted to spend this one day away from work alone and of course with her grandmom At around 4.30 in the evening she went to give her aaji (grand mom) her evening tea, then around 6.30 when she just went to ask if she needed something, at first she thought she was sleeping so she called her twice, then she realized with a terrible shock what had happened! Her body went numb for a few minutes she just stood there and not understood anything, it was then a few minutes later did she realised what had happened. Before the panic came the realization that it was her aaji last wish to leave this world when she was alone with her only love!
It was then she decided that all the rituals and everything to be done should be done by her only!!!
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So I was getting late to reach ghatkopar now, so I left from my place in all hurry and in a race against time to cover maximum distance in minimum time..just as I left my house I realised I am hungry so I decided to grab a mouth watering dabeli from the corner ka thela.. So I take it parcel thinking ill eat it in the bus aaramse.. Just as I leave the shop and reach the main road I see the bus is waiting at the signal so I run as fast as I can with heels on and reach the bus stop. Ok so the end of all the hurry is there is all sweat on my face the shawl and my hair has gone hay wire, my bag which has all the things a woman will need for a month is in my one hand while in another there is my dabeli and my cell phone... So I get into the bus and the cool cool AC air welcomes me followed by the people staring at me. Telling you guys all office go'ers in their best formal clothing an business suits occupy the AC buses.. So they all stare at me as if I am some alien. I quickly find a seat take the ticket and then start to eat my delicious dabeli and they all are staring at me as if I am about to commit a crime, geesh do you people never eat road side food?? Or don't you have a life other than the office??? Or me eating a burger would have been more apt???
There is a aunty opposite me connntinuously on phone!! Another aunty who has occupied two seats one with only her bag and sitting in such an upright posture I wonder how long she can sit that way.. There is another guy in the back well he is cute nd cool listening to music on his iphone!!! Another uncle dozzing off and a girl in super short hair and clothes just got off the bus, isn't she feeling cold???

Yes right!!! This post was useless just timepass for me in this boring bus ride!!
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Project 365 - day 9

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Saturday, December 11, 2010


At work now so a quick one, how do you feel when the one you love and
care for who's of the top most priority in your life tells you that
you that you no more are of the same importance now that you have been
replaced by someone else... And to top it off a lot of work pressure
and just feel like leaving it for good, what do you do when your
personal and professional life both are just getting on my nerve??
It just too much to deal with these days when will they
all understand I am just 19 now why do they want things from me as if
I am some 30 year old woman??? Just breaking down every
single second!!! Later, it was supposed to be a quick one but
turned out to be lonnng one!