Friday, January 21, 2011

Dhobi ghat

I saw dhobi ghat today first day first show and well ill say its different. Not the typical bollywood movie but again its an aamir khan movie you can't expect the bollywood mirch masala and all. Still I wouldn't say it falls in the league of rang de basanti, taare zameen par, 3 idiots ka league as I said before its different.
I doubt the usual audience will like it I mean 2 of my friends didn't like it. So maybe its not for the mass but only for a selected few who choose to look into technical stuff also and not just the dhinchak factor.
Aamir doesn't have much to do though the movie is practically based on prateik and the other girl ( I am sorry I forgot the name) and they both are soo good. Very cute! The girl who keeps recording the video she is also too good the natural acting as if really some new girl who is out of touch of technology is recording it even the lata bai.
I loved the start the most and even the way they have shown mumbai in bits and parts.

Over all I guess ill give 3.5 on 5.
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