Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A frustrated post!!!

What kind of love is it when he doesn't even ask what's bothering you when you clear say "I am upset" and goes out to hangout with friends?

I mean how the hell does a man's brain work? How do you understand what he means and what he wants and when he saying the truth and when he is lying.
Someoneee pleasee start some crash course to understand men. Cause honestly I think at some point of time all girls need it.
They always say girls are difficult to understand and blahhhh. But sometimes even the guys are plain irritating and just makes you so irritated than all you wanna do is bang their head!!!!

Hmmm.... A bit of frustration removed here! feeling like 0000.1% better! Thank you for reading! Yeah this post was pointless you can curse me now!
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