Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Its been a busy busy week just no time to post anything or write anything so here is a quick update. Had an awesome valentine's day enjoyed a lot got books as gifts well what more do I want?
Ya so there are these two books I read first is brida by paulo coelho and its mind blowing!!! Its thoda werid and makes you enter some different world a world of magic, of time travel and you end up being in two minds if all this could be true in anyway! And its really on the reader to decide if he/she wants to believe in it or not.
The other book is a book I always wanted to read since 9th names Not without my daughter by betty mahmoody. I have just read the first few pages but its just too good!
A book review for some other books will be up soon!

For now cya! Have a great day!
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