Thursday, March 31, 2011

What A Match

Yesterday was the world - cup semifinals. India vs Pakistan world cup semifinals in Mohali Can you feel the thrill?? India Pakistan semifinals that too in India. It was like a war here. Everyone was in full spirit big or or poor..elites and common people all alike. Everyone were really very excited about the match.

Sachin tendulkar did 85runs he has to do 100runs to complete his 100th century. One more 100runs and 100th century. For the first time I was praying for him to play well and and get that century

There was a projector put up below my bldg and all had come together to watch and when we won against Pakistan all the crackers were busted as if its Diwali.

Dhoni as always was very calm and nice. Through he didn't get to do much runs but I am still in his support he has given us an excellent team and his calm and composure creates that positive energy that is needed by every Indian player on field

Sachin was playing very nicely. It was something like god was helping him win. Pakistani players dropped many of his balls ( ie. Catches got dropped, I don't know any specific term for that.. Not a big cricket pro you see )
One thing I appreciate sachin for now is that he knows cricket right. I have generally seen him walk off the field when declared out, but yesterday, when he was declared out by the umpire after a very loud appeal from the pakistani players, he asked for a review and was then after watching the review was declared Not Out!!! That is what I call as the right knowledge of the game.
Then again in the very next ball he was bowled out... But again when asked for Third umpire he was Not Out.
The man plays cool and calm and knows his game well. I know in a few of my earlier post I have spoken against him but still this is what I saw yesterday and I will appreciate it. Mind you I am not taking my words back from the earlier posts!!!

Now the finals is between India and Sri Lanka, two neighboring countries again. Sri Lanka has played brilliantly in this series and I am bit dicey about we winning the cup. But nevertheless I am an indian and will support india with tan man and dhan :D
Hope enthusiastic people don't start anything with Ram vs Ravan thing or anything related to Ramayan. Mixing up Mythology in this seems wrong but again, cricket is also a religion in India. And I might as well enjoy it for now.

Yuvraj and raina were also good, yuvraj yesterday got out on the very first ball itself but he has been very consistent in the whole series. He takes wickets and is playing very good. I still crave to see him do 6 sixes once again! Repeat the history dude!!!
Raina... Well a life saver!! He yesterday somehow stabalized the game. When everyone started getting out really quick. Those runs raina made were really very important. And about his fielding well whenever the ball goes near the boundary line my inside somehow say Raina Raina... And most of the time he is just there to save the ball. He is young, quick, and fast. "Raina Haina" is what I always say.

So, on 2nd april 2011, world cup 2011 finals in Mumbai's Wankhede stadium. Hopefully sachin will do his 100th century as the icing on the cake. And hopefully we will win the World Cup!!!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Wedding - book review

The wedding by Nicholas Sparks

Wilson lewis has always found it difficult to express his emotions. Now with his thirtieth wedding anniversary
Approaching, he confronts the fact that he and his wife Jane have grown apart - and he wonders if she even loves him any more.
As Allie and Noah's son-in-law, and with the memory of theird fifty-year love affair as his guide, Wilson knows he must find his way back into Jane's heart. He still adores her - but is his love enough for both of them?

A wonderful book with lovely backdrop of a romantic classic "The Notebook". As all of Nicholas Sparks book this is also a lovely heart touching love story. Whenever I feel like reading romance or something about love the only author I turn to is Nicholas Sparks. He has a magic in him through which he converts the most normal story into a fairy tale.
He shows us through his writing that love knows no age .. No limit.. No nothing .. Love knows only one thing and that's love. If you want to tell someone you love them, the time is now!!! If you want to show someone you love them, the time is now!!!
Feel the love with this book or rather any of Nicholas sparks books!

PS. You'll love the twist! :)
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

Smile.... Laugh... Enjoy

A very funny incident happened today, I don't know if I should call it funny or tragic but for sure something to learn from (atleast for me)...
I met a few of my friends todat as we were talking and complaining about work and all.. One friends suddenly started giggling on asking her what's so funny, she told us an office incident that happened with her a few months back!
It so happens that she is a very vibrant girl who always keeps smiling and laughing always has that smile on her face. So this boss of hers always used to nag her saying why u keep smiling and laughing blah blah and ofcourse some more nasty comments used to follow. Then one say while her boss was working he got a heart attack and the doctor later advised him to smile a bit more and laugh and have fun keep your mind and heart young!!!
Of course the nasty comments on her stopped!!!!

"Haso.. Jiyo.. Muskurao, kya pata kal ho na ho"
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Traffic discipline

Okay so this is what happened to me day before yesterday I don't know who was right and who was wrong or anything of that sort this post is coming out just because I am angry with what happened!!!

Me and a friend of mine had gone for a movie, he had parked the bike in the parking area, okay so the lane was small with lots of shops and roadside vendors. And there were almost 100 other bikes parked. After the movie as we got out of the lane one traffic police stops us and tells us that it was a one way and we cannot come out of that way instead we should have gotten out from the other side of the lane. We first accepted our mistake but also tried to suggest that there was no such sign board there and hence we didn't know but we accept its a mistake. He then asked for our license, But then the policeman started talking in a very rude way something on the lines of youths don't pay attention blah blah blah. It was just too much for both of us. It was then that another bike came from the same lane and he just went off from our side and the policeman didn't stop him. When we asked why he said that he can't attend to 2 people at the same time. And just few minutes back he said that rules are same for every individual.
So my temper just rose that if the rules are same for every person then why didn't he stop that bike? So our mistake was just that we didn't have other bike in front of us if there have been a bike or a car ahead of us he would have caught them and we would have rushed passed him??? Where is the equality here? How are rules equal for everyone here??? Should goverment not keep more policemen so as to catch everyone who breaks rules?
Just then I saw a car coming out of the same lane and the policeman who had caught us just didn't notice it. I showed it to him. He even stopped that car but other than that 3 cars and 7bikes went by without him stopping them!!!
So how the hell are rules equal for everyone? Maybe I am angry because I was stopped by him and this post would have not even come if I would have been saved by the grace of some one ahead by bike who would have broken the rule. But I am glad I was caught! At least that made me realize that our government should think of something new... appoint more policemen at every point. Put proper sign boards indicating no entry one way no parking etc! Don't you think we need some more traffic discipline?
We were standing there for one and half hour seeing how many cars he stopped and how many just went by. And I even managed to take a few pictures showing the cars and bikes coming out but not getting caught! Once a car went by and he didn't notice because he was talking to some local guy he knew!

The bike, the red car, and the silver innova were some of the cars that broke the rule and still just escaped!!!!
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