Thursday, March 3, 2011

Traffic discipline

Okay so this is what happened to me day before yesterday I don't know who was right and who was wrong or anything of that sort this post is coming out just because I am angry with what happened!!!

Me and a friend of mine had gone for a movie, he had parked the bike in the parking area, okay so the lane was small with lots of shops and roadside vendors. And there were almost 100 other bikes parked. After the movie as we got out of the lane one traffic police stops us and tells us that it was a one way and we cannot come out of that way instead we should have gotten out from the other side of the lane. We first accepted our mistake but also tried to suggest that there was no such sign board there and hence we didn't know but we accept its a mistake. He then asked for our license, But then the policeman started talking in a very rude way something on the lines of youths don't pay attention blah blah blah. It was just too much for both of us. It was then that another bike came from the same lane and he just went off from our side and the policeman didn't stop him. When we asked why he said that he can't attend to 2 people at the same time. And just few minutes back he said that rules are same for every individual.
So my temper just rose that if the rules are same for every person then why didn't he stop that bike? So our mistake was just that we didn't have other bike in front of us if there have been a bike or a car ahead of us he would have caught them and we would have rushed passed him??? Where is the equality here? How are rules equal for everyone here??? Should goverment not keep more policemen so as to catch everyone who breaks rules?
Just then I saw a car coming out of the same lane and the policeman who had caught us just didn't notice it. I showed it to him. He even stopped that car but other than that 3 cars and 7bikes went by without him stopping them!!!
So how the hell are rules equal for everyone? Maybe I am angry because I was stopped by him and this post would have not even come if I would have been saved by the grace of some one ahead by bike who would have broken the rule. But I am glad I was caught! At least that made me realize that our government should think of something new... appoint more policemen at every point. Put proper sign boards indicating no entry one way no parking etc! Don't you think we need some more traffic discipline?
We were standing there for one and half hour seeing how many cars he stopped and how many just went by. And I even managed to take a few pictures showing the cars and bikes coming out but not getting caught! Once a car went by and he didn't notice because he was talking to some local guy he knew!

The bike, the red car, and the silver innova were some of the cars that broke the rule and still just escaped!!!!
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  1. Interesting stuff you got on your blog here!!

    When you have some time come by to my blog and check it out sometimes.

  2. No. Its not about appointing more policemen honey.. Its about the supreme powers granted to an individual who will use it, yes use it come what may for personal and petty gains, corruption, this is what we the common man must stand up and fight up.. need we depend on Anna hazares to inspire us ? also who will Police the Police ? is the question that every common man has