Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cricket or Country???

So yesterday was the peace rally and candle light march happening in support to Anna Hazare. The rally happened at Azad Maidan at around 4 in the afternoon but due to some confusion about the timings I missed Azad Maidan but I did go for the candle light march at Gateway Of India.
The atmosphere was electrifying everyone was in full spirit to support Anna Hazare. There were candles burning, people with placard, announcement with live news happening, people singing patriotic songs, and also slogans like "Mera neta chor hai" and "Anna Hazare aage badho.. Hum tumhare saath hai"
But what made me think was, the world around me was divided in two.. Yesterday it was also the first day on IPL. I was in constant touch with everyone on twitter, facebook, SMS. and I was shocked to realise that half the people were supporting Anna Hazare and were trying to do some change in the government, while others were just sitting back home without any worry and watching IPL and cursing how bad the opening ceremony was! I mean is this for real??? A man is fasting for the country we all live in for our better future for this countries better future to bring down the corrupt and we don't care a bit for that and sit home and watch IPL?? Don't these people really care even a bit for the country??
I understand cricket is a religion here in india and people are mad about it, but does that mean that they will even forget about the country's need?
Is cricket really more important than India?? The country we live in??
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