Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jab They Met - Ends

She had never thought things will change with such a twist and turn... He had told her he will always stand by her and love her. It all had started with the love and then it was only love from her side while it was all cheating and lies from his side. Its 3yrs now and what she gets to know is his parents interfering way too much in their life and make them breakup. And that he had always kept things hidden from her many things to be specific. And now that they have broken up he is enjoying and she is going miserable. Honestly what to do of these guys is breakup what they deserve for just ruining someone life for ever? There have been many more things that happened when they were together one of them being an abortion!!! And now its over just like that is this right? When someone says that he or she loves the other person is it merely an expression these days?
What she thought was that their love was true not like the once of those stupid flings that keep happening these days. And what she gets is this?? Is this fair? Really? She is miserable cause of him and what about him? Just fool around?
What's happening these days!

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