Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Kid!

Have you seen charlie chaplin's The Kid? Awesome movie isn't it? Apart from the comic part the best part of the movie is the love and affection between charlie and the kid. Towards the end it just gets tears in your eyes and that's some kind of love and affection I want with my kid. One of the things on my to-do list with my child is watch the kid with me baby holding his/her hand and by the end of it I want the same chemistry and affection between me and my child!

Its a wonderful feeling watching a child grow up right? Right from the first knowledge that he is inside you growing day by day and then the bump you get then the way you feel him inside you then they way everything you do and everything you eat is all about him and his future and his health. The most important thing that helps is how the love between the couple grows how he starts taking care of her all the time. Those walks they go on to walk slowly slowly holding hands. How he will start taking care of all her mood swings and her cravings which will grows with the pregnancy months.

And soon the baby comes in a little angel. Cute little baby! And then the house is full of all baby things blue for the boy and pink for the girl. Then planning the nursery their toys, their clothes, baby food and nappies. Soon the walkers will come the first time the baby will say mommy and pappa such a beautiful idea such a beautiful moment will that be...

Then a time will come when he/she will go to play school then school. Will come home and show the star his teacher will give. And ill congratulate him with a bar of chocolate. Then when his daddy will come home tired from office he will run to him and hug him and all tiredness will go in a moment. So while he and daddy is playing ill serve food and all of us will eat together. What a wonderful life that will be...

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