Thursday, May 26, 2011


What is that one thing which you believe in always? No matter what? Well for me its magic! Ever since I was a small girl I grew up within a fairy tale. Mom dad grandmom grandpa uncles everyone just sort of raised me in a fairy tale and with that somehow they even made me independent as well as confident. I am a type of a girl who can walk down the street at midnight without any fear and did anyone try any nonsense with me I know my way to get out of it... And along with that I was even taught of magic and belief and fairy tales and that I am their only princess who's every wish will come true and with that even learn how to make wishes come true.

Its sometimes difficult to decide how my childhood was or with exactly what type of atmosphere I was grown up in. Sometimes I think I was a spoilt child who always got what she wanted and still sometimes she got the worse punishments. I was raised with enough knowledge about love and affection which later helped me understand that if I have a boyfriend what exactly to look for in him. I had grown up watching a lovely couple madly in love with each other and I knew just then that this is what I want my kids to grow up watching.

Childhood is so very important in a person's life. I see people who even after becoming an adult are still called mama's boy or are still not able to take decisions for themselves or someone who just pretends to be all mama's boy to portray that he/she is such nice human beings. Well all I feel is sad for them. A right kind of teaching a parent can give according to me is when the child knows when to be independent when to take his/her own decision and when to follow their parent's steps.

A nice balance of traditional and modern values is what a person needs to be successful only one of either is not really gonna help!

It now occurs to me as I write down this post on my ramblings about childhood and a child's teaching. That I am glad I had the right pair of parents who made me all that I want my kids to be :) thank you mom and miss you dad!
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  1. U r right. good lessons from the parents are the main worth to the future success