Thursday, May 26, 2011

Relationships ... My Take On It!

What is it that makes a relationship work? Love? Respect? Trust? I think its a bit of all even if one of the these things misses out the relationship is bound to go down the drain. But then how do you keep up to all these things together? Well love is taken care of already because had it not been for that the two of them would have never even come closer...

Respect on the other hand is what needs to build and to start with the fact that even in an argument you talk without insulting eachother. I don't see a point of getting back after insulting one another. I mean at one point of time you say the meanest things possible and then say baby I love you! Doesn't it sound stupid to you right now as you read it??? Imagine what the person will feel when the one they love says all meanest things to them and then after sometime comes and says I love you! I mean what sense does it make? A relationship works when no matter what they talk to each other in the same way with love in it and understanding. If one of them has started abusing the other or is talking all crappy things to other what guarantee there is that there won't come a day when things will lead to actual fights with slaps and hitting each other?

The other thing is trust.. And trust just doesn't come over night trust is to be built, to be strengthened over the time. If my partner knows where I am what I am doing and with who I am its obvious that the questions from his side will be less and with that I even need to show him that I love him and no one else. These days I hear reasons like I am busy with work that I don't get time with my loved ones. I don't get one thing you work so you have a good life and a great future with your wife/husband right? Then how come the reason you work doesn't get enough attention from you??? There are 24hours in a day and I think that way to enough if you really make an effort to do things on time and still get enough time to spend with your loved ones.

And most important is the two of them there is really no need of a third person between them to make decisions for them. When someone decides to be together and well just are sure that they want to spend the rest of the life with each other. I don't think there is any need for anyone to interfere in them. Let the two of them take on the course of life and decide what they want to do with themselves. Atleast if they go wrong they'll know it because of them and not someone else and esp here ill like to say the parents should not involve and make decisions for their kids.. Guidance yes! But a compulsion is not acceptable because that compulsion is gonna hurt one of the two and that one is gonna end up blaming the parents which is obviously dirty and it has to be avoided! If they are old enough to land a job and choose their life partner. I guess they are mature enough to even let the relationship survive without a third person interference.

Okay over and out!
PS - this is directly from my heart no checking no editing no backspace key no nothing. So if there are any mistakes please excuse! :)
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  1. Wonderful post :)

    Every Relationship needs dual effort :)

  2. Heyy, Pooja...

    I like that Most but one thing I would like to mention here that, I don't know why but,I didn't liked that line which states <" I don't see a point of getting back after insulting one another. I mean at one point of time you say the meanest things possible and then say baby I love you! "> , Had you ever feel like angry like losing your mind on your loved ones?? If yes, I would like to ask that what you did after you realize?

    One example, If we recall out past and try to remember our golden era of childhood, I think there were umpteen moments when our Parents were furiously angry to us and sometimes we got extra treatment too...... But when our parents come and say ..Hey, sweet Baby , I love you ..So what you did at that time??
    I am not confronting you , all I want to say is that sometimes we love a special one so deeply and so irrevocable manner that we cares so much for him/her. And if sometimes there had been some arguments between them then that should not tends to break the relationship.

    Sorry, If I said anything seems heinous to you :).... But in my opinion, If two persons had never a single argument that means at least one of them is compromising...

    Anyway...I like you blogs... :)

    Keep up the good work...