Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mumbai Blasts

So there was yet another bomb blast in mumbai yesterday everyone was shaken people were in a hurry to get back home and keep a check on their loved once so as to check if they all are safe. There were three blasts yesterday first at Zaveri Bazaar then at Opera house and then at Dadar Kabutur Khana. Its not the first time that Mumbai's been under a bomb attack or a terror attack. Mumbai as well as the Mumbaikar's are really very familiar with such terror attacks. The support and the the unity which people show during such tragic events is commendable.

The numbers of such attack are loads in Mumbai's case like….
March 12th 1993 : Mumbai serial blasts
Jan 23rd 1993: Bombs go ff at Kanjurmarg station
Jan 24th 1998 : Bomb blast on Goregaon and Malad track
Feb 27th 1998: Bombs go off at Virar, Santacruz and Kandivali station
Dec 2nd 2002: Ammonium nitrate bomb rips through a BEST bus
Dec 6th 2002 : Blast at a fast food join at Mumbai Central Station
Jan 27th 2003: Ammonium nitrate bomb goes off at Vile Parle
Mar 28t 2003: Ammonium nitrate bomb goes odd on a BEST bus
Aug 25th 2003: RDX goes off in 2 taxis at Gateway of India and Zaveri Bazaar
July 11th 2006: 7 RDX and ammonium nitrate bombs rip throught 7 First Class local train coaches
Nov 26th – 29th 2008 : Taj hotel and Oberio Trident episode

Quite a list right??? Know any city which has gone through so much and still show no signs of any anger or anything I mean look around even now yesterday evening the city was shaken by a terror attack and everyone had lost their nerve trying to contact their friends and family and check if they are okay and the next day everything is as normal as ever as if nothing happened last night. People have left their houses for work, students returned to their schools and colleges and city is back on tracks already… ya it's a good thing to have such a nice spirit right? A display of our courage that nothing can stop us and all and now in a matter of few hours more people will even stop talking about the attack and then complain about how bad local trains are and how worse the pot holes are and how are government not doing anything.
But do you really think this is right? It's almost 20yrs of repeated terror attacks on Mumbai and our show of how courageous we are. Are we some kind of battle field where bomb attacks are everyday matters? And still we are sitting quite about it? Why? For a weak now the politicians will pretend to be doing some major steps to stop this and then it will be all over people will forget about the attack and the politicians will once again resume their carefree and lavish life. We showed our courage and everything when we helped people in whatever we could during the attack but now what? Just move back to our life without anything?
Which other country or city you know who survived these many terror attacks and still kept quite and behaved as if nothing has happened? There was one 9/11 in US and that was it and after all these years but they have taken revenge, but for us…our terror attacks are like statistics and still no show of any revenge or get back at them strategy okay if even that is too much for our nice little government then at least take some measure so as that nothing like this happens again… increase the security and I am talking about REAL security not the police who just stands for namesake but actually check the cars and keep an eye out of such people. Even the security at the railway stations airports and sea stretch should be increased. Our government has failed to do so over and over again. Its time they take some action something anything. Even the kasab thing and to say so many others who has been accused of bomb blasts and many other things should get the right punishment and that also asap not when he is not old that to hell with the punishment he will die anyway.
The news said that Intelligence had given them warning and that 2people associated with Indian Mujahhdin were arrested on 6th of this month in Mankhurd ... well then why did the government not take some security precautions? Were they waiting for something to happen first? Even today the government officials said that its safe now and that security is increased but whatever I have seen since morning atleast in my locality I see no security or anything to show that there any security precautions taken.
Government of India please please please I plead you please wake up … and also the politicians who keep fighting for all stupid reasons and create news about nothing take a step forward and really fight for some important matters such as this.

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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows... Can't Wait

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows is due release tomorrow and I just can't get over the wait. For 14yrs the magical world which JK Rowling introduced us too has been a part and parcel or life for many people young and old alike. What started with an own post to an 11yr old boy ended with a dramatic end and a beautiful story in between. Its is no more a children's tale like many think it is, people stand outside the bookstore for its release at 5am ( I was one of them and PROUD of it :D ) it is a story which also revolves around teenage matters like Love, Friendship and Betrayal along with the age old story of Good Vs Evil.

We also sometimes want to "obliviate" bad memories "alohomora" closed doors of our destiny and "levicorpus" our enemies who gets on our nerves.

The world she has penned down is so realistic and in sink with the real world that sometimes "Platform 9 and 3quaters" seem real. Also her writing is something worth applauding for, simple language, awesome timing and also excellently written and mind blowing plot... It makes you cry, laugh, and gets your eyebrows raised.... A total entertainment. You actually enter the magical world when you read the books.

The characters are wonderful and unique in their own way. And you somehow fall in love with all the characters. And its really very difficult to name my favorite character.....

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