Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows... Can't Wait

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows is due release tomorrow and I just can't get over the wait. For 14yrs the magical world which JK Rowling introduced us too has been a part and parcel or life for many people young and old alike. What started with an own post to an 11yr old boy ended with a dramatic end and a beautiful story in between. Its is no more a children's tale like many think it is, people stand outside the bookstore for its release at 5am ( I was one of them and PROUD of it :D ) it is a story which also revolves around teenage matters like Love, Friendship and Betrayal along with the age old story of Good Vs Evil.

We also sometimes want to "obliviate" bad memories "alohomora" closed doors of our destiny and "levicorpus" our enemies who gets on our nerves.

The world she has penned down is so realistic and in sink with the real world that sometimes "Platform 9 and 3quaters" seem real. Also her writing is something worth applauding for, simple language, awesome timing and also excellently written and mind blowing plot... It makes you cry, laugh, and gets your eyebrows raised.... A total entertainment. You actually enter the magical world when you read the books.

The characters are wonderful and unique in their own way. And you somehow fall in love with all the characters. And its really very difficult to name my favorite character.....

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  1. Ah! Harry Potter will be missed a lot .. but as a friend said , we still have the books to get lost in :D