Thursday, March 15, 2012

Evolution of a New Language

            People esp the teenagers these days have started a new type of language or “slang” to be more appropriate, they cut short on every word and a new type of a font where symbols, numbers and alphabets are clubbed together to type a sentence. I have actually met a kid who write in our everyday sms language and I was really amazed to see that the kids these days are getting used to these type of a language. There was seminar in my college a couple months back where the editor of Bombay Times has come and he mentioned the same thing, he said that 10years down the line Newspapers will be sent as text messages in the SMS language “wid evrythin ct shrt” and that will be the type of language people will understand and use… well you can imagine the scenario then, people these days are already avoiding books, we don’t find many students who read books or are that interested in the literature but we can’t really accept this, can we???
            Yes the cut short language is useful when you have to type something real fast etc, but not always. And even if you use it everytime for sending text messages because of the word limit. But these days people have started using such language thinking that its cool. They wont use the normal font or speak with the normal accent because they feel its ordinary or worst outdated. Why is there this sudden “wanna be” attitude coming down on us. I mean I see people in my college doing this and what I really want to do is go buy them a dictionary so that they can atleast get the spellings right and start writing the full words!!!!

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