Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just Can't Read a Newspaper !!!

            Does any of you feel the same about Newspaper? I mean I have tried like million times over to start reading a newspaper on a regular basis, like the people say, “ It becomes a habit and then you just can’t go one day without your morning paper”, I have been longing for this particular habit to come to me but it never has. Even now I have Time of India kept next to me and I doing all other non-productive things to just create more distance between me and that paper and then again at some point I feel like I should start reading it, now being all this said I think I should tell you that I aspire to become a journalist and I am sure you all just stifled a laugh there, I mean a journalist who cant get herself to read a Newspaper? You must be kidding me… but well… that just me and honestly I am not proud of this thing.
            So how many of you feel the same about newspapers?? And now I think I better get myself atleast started with the first page.. but again the first page says that the PM hints at a fuel price rise.. now do you really need such depressing and tension giving news in the morning? But again I cant blame the newspaper it’s the over all country which is surrounded with depressing news and if there isn’t any then our dear government just comes up with something so add upon the miseries of the common man. There is a hike in the bus and train fares since yesterday now the poor will just start walking to their destination and give it a year or two more everyone will be on road walking to their destination because petrol then would be just a luxury item for the rich.  Other news on the first page says that gold pushed `30,000 mark as the economy staggers, Just wow!!!

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  1. not a journalist... but a lawyer... Times of India newspaper right in front of me. Just googled, "Can't read a newspaper" and discovered your article. I tried speed reading methods, and though some of the mechanical exercises pertaining to eye movements help to establish some rhythm whilst reading, the speed of comprehension remains stagnant. I suppose reading speed is all about the speed of comprehension, and being a slow speaker, I'm certain I'll remain a slow reader for the rest of my life. I think we just have to try and memorise headlines and a few paras of an article to stay on level with everyone else. For the purpose of research and understanding, it's better to identify certain articles that might be of interest and tackle them... slowly.