Thursday, May 31, 2012

The bestest shopping place in Mumbai

I am a big fan of the accessories you get to buy in Mumbai’s local train and in all those small shops which you are bound to miss out on. I have a few things picked up from all these small shops and local trains, and they are as cheap as 20bucks.  Some of the accessories we get to buy in those big big malls are so costly that you have to think twice before buying it and they are so small and delicate that I usually misplace them within a month, and if you fall in this league as well then these train accessories are just for you, you don’t have to bother about they getting misplaced and you can always have loads of accessories to match with your outfit 

These are some which I got in the local train for 10bucks each J

I love this one the most… love those little butterflies in there. I had one with little heart in it as well, misplaced it butL

Got this off Sobo Central, Ahemdabad. They are for `75/- but I really liked them. They are named as “Tribal range” something.

Something in Silver

Got this from Ahemdabad Kite flying festival  For `10/-

Got this just yesterday in a local train  for `20/-

These biggg earrings do look good sometimes, on traditional wear, or with a kurti.

Jhumkas from Law Garden, Ahemdabad. She initially told me  `500/-  for them, then after bargaining it bagged it for `100/- J

Got them yesterday along with the one I posted above… same price `20/-  I liked them for daily wear. It can be matched with almost everything.

Coming now to Bangles, Kadas… I am not much of a bracelet person always found it way too delicate for me to handle.

Starting from the right – Golden with little design on it for `50/-  from local train J
The second golden and brown from Bhuleshwar, Girgaun fro ` 250/-
The small silver one for `75/- from Bhuleshwar,Girgaun

Got all 3 from Rajkot, Gujrat for a total of  `275/-

These are just local buys, shouldn’t be much costly say `50/- for 4 of them.

These are my most FAVORITE, they look heavy but are really not. You don’t have to wear loads of bangles, just one of these is enough. You can wear it at some family function.
The golden is for `200/-  and the silver one is for `100/-  from Bhuleshwar, Girgaun.

This is a gift. J

So to sum up the whole post, the best shopping places are the ones which are generally neglected.. like the Local Trains, The shops at the very end of the lane etc J we don’t always need to go to Fashion Street, or Linking Road or Hill Road. There are some other places in Mumbai where you get a very good bargain.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mumbai the Island City - Love is in the Air

            A young couple sitting together enjoying their time alone.

This is at Marine Drive, Mumbai where you will find so many love birds sitting hand in hand and enjoying the moment. It goes without saying that every couple in Mumbai has atleast once in his/her life time have come to Marine Drive for a walk and to just be by the Sea.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Petrol Price Hike – Look at The Bright Side

So the petrol prices are sky rocketing, and it is eventually going to affect about each and everything that we use in our day to day life.  Petrol prices kept going up all throughout this year but it went up  ` 1/- or so not  ` 7 /- that too overnight. People will start blaming the Government etc for the hike. Basically nothing is going to change unless every Indian protest against it and that wont ever happen because that’s the Indian mentality isn’t it? Who cares what is happening in the country? Is others are not speaking against it I would speak against it either. Anyway this is post is not about that, this post is just something that will make you look at the bright side of the petrol hike and maybe a bit of peace of mind ( because honestly for some reason since yesterday when I got to know about the price hike I have this unrest in my heart telling me this is not good at all for the future, things can go terribly bad. But maybe its just my imagination. )

1 – Less Traffic
            Have you looked at the traffic these days?? Almost in every part of the city?  Its basically because people use their vehicle even when it is not really needed.  

Which road would you rather drive on???

Or this???

2 – Good for Health
            Walking and cycling is actually better for your health, so walk to that place which is 10mins from your house and use a cycle to reach a place which is half hour away.

3 – Pollution
            We all are aware that vehicles is one of the major reasons for air pollution. So I am looking forward to see a clearer sky in Mumbai. 


                                                                   4 – No Honking
            Honking causes noise pollution so that is also eliminated.

5 –  Less Road Accidents
            Road accidents generally happens because of rash driving so if there are less cars on the road It might also mean less accidents right?

6 – Carpools can be use
            If you just HAVE to reach your work place by a car, you can go by a carpool… save fuel!

7 – Save Natural Resource
            Petrol is a Natural Resource right? So save it… we are depleting earth of its natural Resources super quick.

8 – More Social Activity
            People who travel by Trains and Bus everyday to and fro work have a special set of friends known as “Train Friends ” and  “ Bus Friends ” so go on get your gang of Train Friends.

Okay this is the most I can think of for now… more on this later J
If you have any more positive things about the petrol hike then share it here!
PS – I have to add this – I was just browsing Google for the pictures I have uploaded above and I happen to see some politician’s picture there who well are related to the price hike, I couldn’t stop myself from hating them from the bottom of my heart. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Homemade Bookmark!

And Easy and fun way to make your own Bookmarks at home… and whats better?? You can make it out of all the useless things in your house…

What you need –
Old greeting card or invitation ( if you have the envelop as well its better )
Old magazines
A ribbon / wool
Fancy stickers ( you can skip this)

Cut the greeting card and the envelop in a shape / size you want your Bookmark to be….

You can stick the sides which are printed together so you get two blank sides on the either side of the paper… it also makes the bookmark strong

You should get something like this

Cut out shapes or designs from the magazine… you can use the colorful papers which you find in magazines. 

Or else you can cut out your name from the magazine…

Now go wild and stick the designs, shapes, your name etc on the bookmark

Take  a woolen string or a ribbon

Use a paper punching machine and punch a hole on the top of the bookmark... use a ribbon or a wool and tie it up through the hole… Decorate with stars or hearts or fancy stickers if you wish...

Annndddd there you go… your Bookmark is ready :D
Happy Reading!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mumbai - The Island City 2

Picture taken at Marin Drive.

Mumbai - The Island City

The southern most tip of Mumbai.. well almost.. its the Gateway of India side of Mumbai taken from the boat on my way to Alibaug, a nice little place near the sea side which gives you a much needed relaxation. its not that far from Mumbai, a 45mins ferry and then half hour in the bus and you are there!!!

More Alibaug pictures are on its way.. but next stop for me is go to get some good pictures of the Queens Necklace, Marine Drive :) Any tips you got for me before i go there???

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ishaqzaade - Movie Review

            Saw Ishqzaade today. And seriously the only good thing I found in the movie were the main characters, Parineeta Chopra did a good job and so did Arjun Kapoor, he very convincingly portrayed the character of a spoilt brat.
            The whole movie is only about two people who start of hating eachother and then fall in love with each other – yes, the typical love story now add some family enmity and opposition from them.  So the spoilt brat realizes that he should take charge of the situation and elopes with the girl. You get the idea right?

So over all ill rate it like 2.5/5. Only for the actors!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Lane leading to jallianwala bagh

The famous narrow lane which leads to the enterance of Jallianwala Baug. This lane adds up to both the pro's and con's list of the place.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No to Cycle Rickshaw ... Please!

            I recently made a short trip to  Vaishnav Devi and Delhi. Vaishnav devi was added to the plan just because my mother wanted to go there. As it was a trip planned in haste we didn’t really get time to book our helicopter tickets. We figured that there has to be some kind of arrangement there to get the tickets or that we shall simply walk with others. But as we reached there my mom was not feeling well and the helicopter were not available. So the only option was to either go walking which I denied as it was jeopardizing mom’s health or we go in a Palki  or on a Horse. We decided we would rather cancel the plan than take any of those options. Many people laughed out that we went so long and still didn’t go take Darshan. To which mom and I both replied, “ if we want to go to the top we will go walking or by a helicopter not sitting on people’s shoulder or giving a rough time to the horse.”  I really believe that this is a very evil practice and also inhuman.

<== For those who don't know what a Palki is.

             We also have Cycle – Rickshaw in Delhi, our capital city. And I refuse to sit in them everytime I go there. 

How can anyone sit in it while the person in front of you is trying hard to pull you. And if that is not cruel enough, people sit in it with their whole damn family and luggage, all this pulled by a single man. 

      I am really looking forward to the day when our Government just bans the  whole idea of cycle rickshaw and start the normal auto rickshaw’s everywhere. I know its not that practical. Many of those Cycle Rickshaw drivers are poor and thus can’t afford an Auto Rickshaw. But that’s the point doesn’t this mean that we are taking advantage of the poor??? Government can come up with some policy something to take steps right?

Imagine a Person elder to you pulling you. And when you sit in a Cycle Rickshaw you can clearly see the energy he is applying to pull you, and god forbid if there a bridge or a land form with a upward incline then naturally they can't pull you so they actually get down from the rickshaw and pull you like horses pull the carriage. 

Cycle Rickshaw is just a cruel and inhuman way of travel which should be stopped Immediately.

<== Picture Clearly Depicting that the poor must always slog,  while the rich enjoys the luxury.

There are 3 adults, 1 child and loads of luggage and a single man is pulling them. and this is a everyday scene in Delhi ==>