Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beat The Heat !

So the dreaded summer is here already! And everyone is going haywire just to keep up with this heat. And Mumbai is one place where everyone is in such big hurry that sometimes taking care of yourself is just difficult, so I have jolted down some must do’s and some to buy list so as to keep myself away from the heat. So here goes my “Beat the Heat list” :D

Starting from the morning you must put on a sunscreen and then go out of the house it’s a MUST HAVE !!!! 

To protect yourself from the heat outside try using a Scarf or a Bandana or a Big hat. It helps cover your hair and your scalp which we often fail to pay attention to. It also looks very chick and stylish.

<== Scarf (aka Stole) can be used on almost all outfits. you can drape it or cover your head with it. it comes in various colours and designs so you can always mix and match.

Bandana makes you look very chick and stylish and carefree… it helps cover your scalp from the intense heat which eventually makes your scalp go dry.===>

You can also carry a nice cotton, bright coloured bag so that you can carry all your stuff in one place and still look trendy 

There are so many cotton clothes available these days, with really nice fitting and colours. If you are not looking forward to spending a lot behind them then you can check out some clothes at Linking road, Bandra or hill Road or Fashion street, churchgate. You will find lots of variety in apparels there for as cheap at ` 100/- to 250/- .

Also flip flops are a considered comfortable in this heat.

A good perfume is a must. You don’t wanna go to your work or meet your friends spelling awful, do you?? Its difficult to stay away from sweat in this heat so its always a good choice to keep a deo or perfume handy.

Very good shades, there is no harm in investing on a good shade. They protect your eyes and thus it has to be of a good quality. And trust me you wont regret investing in a good brand.

Minimum makeup, try and keep your makeup as neutral as possible. A good kajal and lip gloss can work wonders

Doesn’t our very own Kareena Kapoor pull off that look just fine?

 Drink Loads and Loads of water, as everyone knows that water is really very important to us, so keep sipping some at regular intervals.

Fruits – watermelon, mangoes, grapes are the fruits of the season and as you may notice they are all high on water content so have it whenever you can, it helps restore the water content in your body and ofcourse keep you healthy :D

After you come home, wash your face with a loads of water. You can use a face pack to restore that shine and relax you. Here are some face packs which you can use. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/natural-beauty-homemade-face-packs.html

Oil your hair regularly, heat can make your hair dry and unmanageable. The only way out is to take very good care of them. A nice head massage also helps relax your mind and body.

 A nice manicure pedicure will help build up your feel good factor J I mean who doesn’t love clean and healthy looking nails???  you can use any nude nail paint or bright colours.

Okay that’s all I can think of now.. thank you and over and out :D

PS – this is my first beauty tips related post. Hope you like it.

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