Friday, May 4, 2012

PMS Post

Do you have a kind of special food that never fails to lift up your mood. Well if you ask me then its Chinese for me, and of course the usual Chocolate cake etc always ads up more to life but Chinese is always the best thing. Today was or rather is ( the day is not over yet ) once such day for me the day started rather gloomy for me with nothing to look forward to ( vacation are on ) nothing exciting and just plain boring all i wanted to do was cozy up in bed and read a book but after sometime even that seemed bored, maybe i am PMS'ing that time of the month is closing in. Do guys go through such mood swings? I mean its so irritating na? why do only girls have to deal with this stupid mood swings for no bloody reason. Maybe by now you do realise that this post is a random rant about my life and by the end of you will find it just as useless as you find now.  So what is that your eat when you are PMS'ing or are just plain lazy, i do this one thing with Oreo Biscuits and Vanilla Ice Cream - crush -oreo biscuits and mix it with vanilla ice cream and keep it in freeze for like 15mins for it to just retain back to the same texture because when your mix it and all that time the ice cream melts a little. and once it is done you are good to go with your oreo ice cream :Danother thing is maggi... maggi does help sooth your mood sometimes.chocolate is always thereAnd who can forget the summer heat which is just not so tolerable these days, and managing your hair is just troublesome forget managing it when you are PMS'ing so the best hairstyle for me these days is a normal plait or all tied up bun anything other than that which you think is manageable in this heat don't forget to share!!!To give you some update my Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism practise is going good and the results are awesome as well. So that always gives a reason to smile. Other than that i need to buy a good bag, maybe that will help me feel a lil better. Also a friend just started a blog today about Movie Reviews, here is the link  do visit and comment.okay so now i am bored... over and out!

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