Monday, June 25, 2012

Characters – The Train Lady

            Railways in Mumbai observe a Mega Block every Sunday, yesterday was one such Sunday and I had to go to Dombivali. I rushed my way to the station to find that the fast train was not due in the next half hour and the slow train was supposed to arrive in 5mins in which time I had to go and get my ticket and then again go to the platform and walk down half the platform to reach the Ladies compartment, after somehow managing to do all this is get to the platform only to find myself surrounded with at least 50 other ladies, which automatically made me nervous thinking if I’ll get a place to sit. So as I was waiting for the train to come I noticed the lady standing next to me, she should be somewhere around the age of 26 – 28 (I know I called her “lady” above but something about her tell me that “girl” is not the word for her) and apparently from the conversation she was having on her phone I concluded that she was single. So she was not very pretty, a lil bit on the plum side and had an aura of a very strict person but very fair, and her conversation on the phone was something like this –
-        Aab mein toh tumhari friend ho sakti hoon, girlfriend nahi. ( Now I can be your friend, but not your girlfriend.)

( I figure the person on the other side asked her why she can’t be his girlfriend)

-        Tum mujhe dekhoge toh daar jaaoge, mein dikhti hi itni bhayanak hoon. ( if you see me, you will get scared. I look like a devil.)

To which I thought, why is she doing that? I mean ya she is a bit plump but that doesn’t mean she looks like bhayanak, maybe she just doesn’t want to over sell herself or else when they two actually meet the date may not end on a good note as the guy will be expecting something better.

-        Acha chalo, abhi train aayegi… mein tumhe raat ko call karti hoon, aur suno ache se rehna, aapna khayal rakhna. ( okay, I’ll hang up now the train is about to come. I’ll call you in the evening and be good and take care.)
By the time she hung up I had a proper picture of her in my mind, I figured she should be somewhat rude and desperate to get married soon ( going by her conversation )
The train came and we got in, there was no place to sit and we both were again standing next to each other. She started asking everyone who were sitting where they were going to get down, I thought she was asking for herself. But then suddenly she turns to me and tells me, this lady is going to get down after 2 stations you sit there then she fixes one seat for herself  and then she turns to other people around her and starts making seats available for other people around. This was something which took me by surprise. Generally people are after each other’s life in a local train and never does something like this happen. The most people do is give their seat to an elder person or tell the people standing to sit in their place after they get down. But actually arranging for seats for other people, hell no!
            I took a double take on my picture of her, I imagined her rude and strict but she turned out to be sweet and helpful.
            Guess I should stop making assumptions without actually knowing a person. There are so many people we meet in our daily life’s after all, should be difficult to guess their character in a single meeting.  

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ferrari ki Sawaari – Movie Review

Ferrari ki Sawaari, what a refreshing movie to watch. A simple lovable story of an honest father his son and the grandpa who has his own lil story to enrich the overall plot of the movie.  The start of the movie was adorable portraying the love between father and son. The story also just glides without anything you shall feel stupid or illogical. The plus point of the movie is the simplicity of it ( I know I have used the word simple quite a lot of time here, but that’s how the movie is!!! ) I can’t think of any bad part in the movie, or something that I didn’t like.
The movie is entertaining from start to end. And with each scene the story grows not a single place where the movie is stagnant or foolish.  Even the typical Parsi language used adds to the authenticity of the movie.  The thing I liked the most was that there was no heroine in it as such, generally in bollywood movie it is kind of mandatory to have a female lead but here the main characters were the 3 generations of a family of course the other actors added to the movie and their work cannot be neglected. Overall all the actors complimented and supported each other and helped grow the story.
The director, actors, music composers all did equal justice to the movie. And that’s the reason why it is such a big hit. It’s a kind of a movie which you can watch anytime, no matter what your mood is and you’ll laugh, cry, smile and feel good immediately.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mantralaya On Fire

I came home from college and was checking my tweets when I see live tweets coming in informing me that the 4th floor of the Mantralaya had caught fire and was now spreading on to the upper floors.  I immediately switched on my TV and a picture which I had never seen before flashed on my Television screen. A big building which I see almost every week was on fire and covered with thick black smoke; the usual white building was now covered with black smoke and somehow even looked blackened to me today. But to my surprise I didn’t feel remorse or worried or anything of that sort looking at this picture, I felt more like people who generally just sit back and enjoy the disasters which normal people have to face had their chance of facing disasters first hand. Of course this fire also supported the fact that Mumbai is in deep trouble when Disaster Management is concerned, when important buildings such as this can’t prevent fire then there is no point even thinking about the safety against fire for common man.
            But now let’s look at the other part of the story, according to the reports, the office which was on fire was the same office who housed the files related to the Adarsh Scam,  so am I to say that the Adarsh files were conveniently disposed off?  Oh well, who know?  For the truth to come out it will take ages, but its odd isn’t it? The office which had such important files stacked up was on fire and well I won’t be shocked if I get the news that some important files are now nothing but ashes.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Miss you Dad!!! :)

            Happy Father’s Day everyone. Fathers are so important in your life na? Like you just need him to be there, he is the first MAN in your life. The closest man you could ever be with other than your brother and before your better half comes in your life. Unfortunately I had a very limited amount of time to spend with my father, 8years of my life to be precise. I had never thought about it this way before,  I have spent only 8 years of my life with the most important man of my life. Of course I miss him, I do remember bits and parts of my childhood spent with him and I can proudly say they were the best childhood days of my life. After my dad expired his place was taken by my 3 uncles who happily took me for their daughter and loved me just the same as my dad. Of course I didn’t realize much at that time I was only 8, but now when I have my senses in place do I realize how much I miss him at every step in my life. Like the time I got my license, my dad was a car and bike fanatic, I wished my dad had been there with me when I took my driving test or the first time I drove my car of the time when I started learning how to drive. I also tried to ride a bike but failed at it, I know had my dad been here to teach me I would have been a Pro by now :D
            But the day I miss my dad the most is this day “Father’s Day” when everyone spends quality time with their father and I am here with no one to celebrate with.  Ufff… now the tears roll down the cheeks, I guess that’s my cue to stop writing.
            See you around! And have a great day today!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

SSC and the Best of 5 Tamasha

               Have you noticed this year's S.S.C results? Almost everyone is getting above 60% it’s a good as well as a bad thing. Students these days have all kinds of facility they hardly need to sit with a book and study thanks to e – classrooms and internet which has been for their rescue all the time so logically speaking when education become real easy at least the grading system should become a bit more strict, okay if not “more” strict then at least be the way it is now. This new Best of 5 Subject thing is utter dumb thing to do.  Students are passed with high percentage which they really don’t deserve and then god forbid if someone gets less percentage it gives colleges’ official reason to take donations.

            Well I really don’t know if this whole everyone getting high percentage is a good or bad thing, I think we could conduct a very nice debate on this, but for me I think it’s a bit on the bad side cause education is just getting easier and easier and somehow we are just making the future generation dumb for the Global competition.

Thursday Challenge - Big

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Aamir Khan shouldn't apologize to IMA


            So the Indian Medical Association (IMA) wants Aamir Khan to apologize. They are of the opinion that Aamir Khan has accused the whole medical faculty of being corrupt to the core which is not true. They believe that maybe some of the doctors walk on the bad and corrupt path but not every doctor in India. Well I believe that Aamir never said that every doctor in India does this, he just pointed out the reality which is generally followed. And if IMA was aware of such ill practices why didn’t it take any steps to stop it? Guilty as charged then right? Also Aamir pointed out that not a single doctor’s license has been cancelled yet in India which is really very shocking, are we saying that India has produced just the best doctors ever??
            And why should anyone say sorry for speaking what happens in our daily life. Most of the common people agreed that they had been ripped off by doctors at many stages of their life. And obviously when the truth is told openly with a lot of research and statistics and not to forget real life experience, the doctors feared the amount of information the common man now has which obviously threatened the wrongful earning of these doctors.
            What I really feel amusing is, they made such a big issue of making Aamir Khan say sorry, but not even half of this effort was ever used to stop the wrong doings of the doctors.
            Doctors are very important in our lives, we even grade them next to God. It is always believed that saving a human life is the biggest deed anyone can ever do then why do we have to pay such huge price for something which is our right “to live”. Come to think of it hospital bills and doctor’s fees should be the least possible amount, so that each and every person is able to take medical help whenever necessary, obviously I don’t mean that the doctors should put up with minimal wages, our government should do something for them a fixed salary or something but let’s not go there now, we are talking about Aamir Khan apologizing, which I do not approve at all!
            Medical people only want his to do that because they are nothing but aware that whatever he said was true and that if every person is aware of such things their high fees is in danger.

One of my friend is a Physiotherapist, she once had this patient who was old and thought that he had a back problem, she checked him and told him that it’s just the old age and there is no real problem with him as such.  She later discussed this with one of her senior, who laughed at her and said that she is stupid “ You should have taken few sittings with him and earned some money and then tell him that he is cured.” He said.
Thereeee… when I heard this story my trust over doctors was burned into ashes!

PS – according to me, Aamir Khan shouldn’t apologize.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Qateel Siddiqui killed in Pune

            This news about Qateel Siddiqui was killed in the Pune Yerwada jail well sort of made me happy. Our government and constitution has failed repeatedly over in giving justice to the common man and to give a proper punishment to these people who keep on bombarding here whenever they feel like.
            Well I am waiting for something like this happening to Kasab as well, my hopes from our dear Judiciary  system is all time low  and something like this happening just made me see a small bit of hope making its way.
            Now we don’t know what exactly happened, least do I expect that this too turns out to be inter gang revenge or something. But as long as bad people are dying I don’t have any problem.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Old Songs are Always The Best :)

            For a few days now I have been travelling to Dombivali from Dadar almost everyday and sometimes ( or rather everytime ) the travelling is  really a painful job. Just because the station area is so damn crowded you don’t get a cab to the station directly nor do you get a cab immediately outside the station its always a long walk and then chase down for the cab. And the train journey itself is also weird. You don’t get fast trains easily so I opt for the slow train which is like an hour long journey. So I plugged in my earphones and on went the music.
            After like half hour of the today’s generation music with all dhoosh dhoosh dhoosh beats it all sounded like noise to me. I ended up pushing the next button more often even without completing the song, it was then when Raj Kapoor’s Pyaar Hua Iqraar Hua started playing and it was so soothing and good for the year that I made up a playlist with all the old songs and kept it playing on loop.
            Its not that I hate these new songs, ofcourse they are awesome! But sometimes Kishore Kumar’s Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si is better than Bhag DK Bose for me. But sometimes it all becomes plain noise and somewhere the pure essence of good music is lost. The old songs have a mixture of everything good lyrics, good music, and  a nice soothing feel it gives you and if you have the video as well … well its just a treat for your eyes.