Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mtv Coke Studio on DD

            So now after Satyamev Jayate,  MTV Coke Studio has decided to be telecasted on DD as well…   finally DD is getting some recognition. You might think that why DD? I mean Mtv is more famous right? Well ya… but DD has a better viewership, 70% of India is rural in that 70% DD dominates. So ofcourse the viewership goes soaring up.
            Not far from the day when most of the shows are aired on DD as well, are we?


  1. GoI should wake up now and use DD better penetration for some useful purpose as was done by SMJ. Also, instead of sharing contents from other channels it should produce some great epic serials like it did in past.

    Weakest LINK

  2. clever move by the SMJ team and MTV coke studio .. It will help for sure

    but are we sure even in rural areas dd is watched , I thought cable has taken over everywehre


  3. 70% India not connected to cable!! Woww!! unbelievable!!