Sunday, July 1, 2012

There Will Be Some People Who Hate

            I had this conversation with one of my friend about Satyamev Jayate, she is completely against the show and if I ask her for the reason her number one reason is that Aamir Khan takes 3crore per episode. Well of course I was disappointed with her answer but she later also supported her view with the things like, “so what’s the big deal? many other journalist have been doing the same thing why was that not much of a hype?” I COMPLETELY DISAGREE!
            This post was due for a long time now, but somehow it always remained in my mind and never actually made it to the blog. The first time I thought of writing this was when I saw very stupid picture being updated on Social Media Sites stating that Aamir divorced his wife, and abandoned his children and that he takes 3 crore for each episode and god know what all rubbish!
            So basically what these people want to say is that, even if Aamir did do some mean things in past he doesn’t have the right to do good now? Or to create some awareness?? Or just do some good in some way to benefit other people.
            I just want to say a few things why I support Satyamev Jayate,
*     Aamir has the right to earn money as much as everyone else does,  and to make a show like this you need much more money than 3 crore, so if he is spending so much he as much has a right to earn some for him. And btw, who told you that he takes 3crore? There’s no official document stating this.
*     Yes he made mistakes in his past, and no one judged him then, so now when he is getting famous for something good no one has the right to point fingers at him.
*     There were shows like this before this on news channels but when the news channels hype everything just to get more TRP, where this show is very simple and convincing. And yes, you do need someone popular to make something reach out to masses. I bet that if the same show had been hosted by some journalist, it would have been not so popular because it will only limit itself to the elite class and not the common man. The common man needs a hero to come tell them something. And if that gives you the reason to hate the show, then better hate yourself because someone has to take the initiative none of the other khan’s did but he did. And sad that it wasn’t you who did something or tried to do something good for your country, forget country ill love to ask all those haters what have they done for the betterment of their locality.
*     The show is a combination of real life stories, the government point of view and the real view about what should really be the situation.
*     And it’s educating as well, there are so many things which a normal man doesn’t know, so many laws and so many things which happen in the society that we are generally not aware of.

I really can’t believe that when someone really tries to make a difference there are such people who will try everything to demean it.  And I am sure these people were had all turned into revolutionaries when Rang de Basanti has released and wished they could do something for the country. And now when someone is taking the initiative to try and educate people this is what they get, but that’s how people are when someone does something good there will be some people who hate.

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  1. I absolutely second what you're saying.
    I love the show and Kudos to Aamir Khan to raise awareness about these daily issues. So what if he is a celebrity ad charges? He is doing a great job! And the audience is really thinking about it. How many celebs could do that?

    I just really like the way he carries on the show :)