Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Where is the “School” Education going in this Country?

I recently received a  mental shock, when I got to know that the education given to students these days in school is of so low standard! Okay if not low then atleast very very verryyyy EASY! They have midterm exams of only 20marks ( and to add up to that, in History and Geography they have 10marks… and for the Semester it is a 40 marks examination instead of the normal 100 marks which we had when we were in school.
            Ofcourse kids get their way out easy in school and then suddenly when they face some board exam or something out of the school syllabus they are not able to keep up the standards.
            Well I am still in shock! What good will a 20 and 40 marks exam do to kids… they don’t even read the entire Textbook, their syllabus hardly consists of 8-9 chapters.


  1. in the name of modernization and education reforms Sibal has diluted the very essence of schools and formal studies.

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