Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Movie Directed By Me

Hello People, here is a link to a movie made my me and my friends for a College Project. Do watch it and let me know your views :) 

Thank You!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

College Project - Please Help

Hello everyone, I need you guys today.  Have this college project where I have to carry out a survey. And it will be really very helpful if you guys do it. It’s a small one so it wont take more than 5mins!
Here is the Link 

Thank you!
Love you all :D

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chronicle of the week!

Things have been all busy this last week, and obviously that means that I didn’t get much time to blog about anything and its obvious I missed it immensely. So just to wrap up on about the week and not curse myself about not blogging enough here is a quick recap of the week.
            College has been hectic and with all the assignments  coming up, there is hardly anytime left. It also turns out that I have bunked 2 lectures and that is purely because I feel so tired all the time.  I am teaching some kids in my area as well, and that’s so stress buster, I never thought teaching will ever make me so happy. Maybe its because I am not doing it professionally and not asking for any money in return. Cause once I start taking fees it wont be the kind of teaching I do now, it will be prepare for them exams and prepare them for good marks whereas now I am just teaching them! Not for exams but for themselves. They have full freedom to study what they want, come up with questions and then we google and find answers, or look at some videos online.
            He got a Hero Honda Impulse, bloody huge bike!
            Crossword celebrated Harry Potter’s birthday  this Sunday, and it was fun!!! There were all these kids who came and there were all quiz and drawing competition etc and then we cut a cake.  Just standing there looking at kids enthusiastic about Potter made me happy.  And I really cant believe kids that age have actually read all the books.
            Anddd yesterday was, Harry Potter’s real birthday and also JK Rowling’s birthday and also one of my friends birthday!  So we went his place the night before and cut a cake etc.

Okay that’s all for now… ciao… have a good day!

( Above ) Something I clicked ;)

( Left ) The CAKEE!!!