Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bhavnao Ko Samjho!

Everyone is aware of the arrest of Aseem Trivedi and people have various opinions about it, some say that the charges which are put against him of sedition are not proper as he did nothing to instigate a rebellion, some say that degrading the national symbols is not a good way to portray your anger while other say he is right and the government just wanted to stop him from doing anything like that again, well I agree with the last opinion.
Haven’t we all reading news everyday about censorship on social networking sites? Why? Because people have finally started speaking their mind about     the Government. Cartoons are made to be seen, understood, laughed and thought about. Without completely understanding the meaning behind the cartoon they have just arrested him and put behind bars. Government just wants to stop people from expressing their point and expressing their anger against the government.
Btw what about those people who were involved in all the multi million scams? Are they in jail now? No? oh maybe politicians, and people with influential contacts don’t get  arrested. But a cartoonist who is expressing his views and also something which is very true is arrested! 

PS – I really like this picture of his which I have uploaded above. The expression is so aggressive, so rebellious. It is like he really feels for the country, like he really wants to fight the injustice.

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