Sunday, September 9, 2012

Raj Thackeray

Past couple of weeks has been intense for MNS (Maharashtra Nava Nirman Sena ) with all the rally, interviews and speeches. Generally I keep myself away from politics, but this time I see that the very basic and important issues are targeted by Raj Thackeray.  The question of Bihari’s to the Ambedkar Stuppa at Indu Mill, Shivaji Park.
It’s no big news if a Mumbaikar reads of murder and robbery cases that happened in suburbs in his/ her morning newspaper, Mumbaikar’s have grown to live this problem like they have learned to live with several others, but that doesn’t mean that they should live with it.  I don’t want to target any particular religion or caste or anything but if you look at the facts most of the slums occupied in Mumbai belongs to the migrated people from the North East. I had been doing a documentary on Slums for college project, but when I entered the slums some parts were so shady that I was left with no option but to drop the project, and that was the first time I doubted my safety in Mumbai.  The other day I was watching a video on YouTube regarding the double Decker bridge which is being build on the western express highway.  So the spokes person said that for the bridge to be reliable and to sustain for a longer time they will have to build a strong base, but the place where they intend to build the start of the bridge and the support system of the bridge is occupied by the slum people.  Government has obviously asked them to shift someplace else, but they refuse. So the slums have eventually come to hamper the growth of the city. The pollution and garbage and the low hygienic condition of these places are no good for the city.
I agree when Raj Thackeray said that there should be some kind of registration when people migrate from states. Yes the constitution allows us to go anywhere in India on our will, but just a record of who all migrated won’t hurt anyone.
Also the stuppa of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar at Indu Mills, Shivaji Park seems stupid. What good is it to anyone?  It’s definitely not going to help the community nor the people of Dadar. It will be just another stuppa where people will come once a year and put garlands and then forget about it for the rest of the year. Again the thing that Raj Thackeray said I agree with it, he proposed that they should build a really good library there, this sounds sensible, and Mumbai lacks a good library other than Asiatic library in VT. Dr. Ambedkar also promoted reading books, so this sounds something that will be beneficial to everyone. And also something that Dr. Ambedkar believed in.
This post was inspired because looking at the amount of problems coming up in India and the number of scams ever increasing no other politician even for his own gain came ahead and took a stand for something but Raj did. Other have just kept mum and kept blaming eachother or said “abhi mehengai toh bad rahi hai, toh isme hum bhi kya kar sakte hai”

PS – if anyone finds this post offensive, I apologize for that. 


  1. Will the same stand true if people from Mumbai or maharashtra go to other parts of india.

    I dont agree with this registration, India is for everyone , sorry.

    if things go on like this , we will soon need a VISA to enter mumbai..

    it is not migration. migrating is going to a different country..

    We are dividing india furthur, If we want that then might as well let China take over the land in north east..


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