Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Assem Trivedi’s Cartoon Lack!

First of all, let me tell you I am no Cartoon Expert actually I am someone who cant even draw that neat. But going through the Internet and reading various articles, blogposts etc it came to my notice that everyone has just treated the Aseem Trivedi controversy in a very black and white way, no one considers that gray part which also exist.
Yes the sedition charge was illogical considering we live in a “Democratic” Country, and people have freedom or speech and expression. When I was a kid the only thing that got me interested in Newspapers were the cartoons and those little kids corner which used to be there.  A cartoon is something which is funny and yet stings you with the reality and makes you think. Ofcourse there is no hard and fast rule for that, but that is how we have come to think of it. Aseem’s cartoons were straight and to the point but with a harsher edge to it, which I guess was difficult to digest for many people. But that doesn’t make him wrong in any way, that’s just his style. Like Devdas was made 4 times by different directors but the one which Anurag Kashyap made was way different than the other three and way bolder, but people appreciated it right?
When a person is angry he/she seems to speak out louder forgetting all mannerisms and conduct something like this seems to have happened to Aseem here. He forgot that cartoons are supposed to be subtle with an element that will make you think, not something which is just a reflection of your thoughts…. That can be anyone drawing something which is there in their mind, that doesn’t make them a cartoonist right? Its like by hearting the answers for your examination and then just puking them out in your answer sheet, that doesn’t make you an author or a writer. Aseem could have just showcased his thoughts and views with help of some creativity and knack to subtle down the harsh reality of the country

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