Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Maharashtra Lost Its Tiger.

Maharashtra lost its Tiger, Balasaheb Keshav Thackeray on 17th November 2012. After being ill for a long time he finally left us all on this unfortunate day. Almost 2million people who used to worship, respect and look up too came to see off their leader,. The news came in on Saturday at 3.30 pm and almost within a few moments spread like a wild fire. Shops closed down within seconds, people put away their lanterns and all the Diwali decoration to express their condolences, office were shut down and Taxi and Riskshaws were also pulled off the road. Now there were many views shared that all this was done out of fear and shiv sena people threatened everyone to observe a Bandh. But as of my area is concerned everything happened without any telling, maybe that is because my area has always been a part of all political events. People faced problems to reach home on Saturday due to the sudden unavailability of Transport. Social media  came as a boon for the people who were stranded on the road with Twitter helping people with carpooling, its another thing that 2 days later 2 girls were arrested because of social media only.

The next day area from Bandra to Prabhadevi was sealed off and no vehicals were allowed to go there. With whole Mumbai eerie silent and an ocean of humans moving from Bandra to Shivaji Park, I bet the aerial view must be mesmerising.  People from various parts of Maharashtra came to pay their last respect to their departing Tiger. People climbed up trees and hoarding, stood in the hot sun for hours together just to see a glimpse of their beloved leader.  Television channels began to compare this cremation event with that of Mahatma Gandhi. And I could conclude one thing that 20 lack people don’t come just out of fear its no doubt the respect which pulled these people to Shivaji Park that day.
The next day I came across many people who criticised Balasabeb a lot, despite the fact that I am not an expert on him I thought that there had to be something which was good about him because of which people respect him so much. I just believe that when you criticise some person you should also acknowledge the good that he did, we cannot forget that he gave us two wonderful express highways which helps us reach our homes faster after a tiring and a very hectic time at work, also the Bandra – Worli Sea link which I grade as an asset to the city. He gave the Marathi Manoos the pride which he had almost forgotten, I don’t know if should credit him or not but my city is safe for me to even travel at night, unlike all the cases which happens in Delhi. And last but not the least he changed the name from Bombay to Mumbai…  I was waiting for the News channels  to showcase all the things he has done for Maharashtra, but unfortunately that didn’t happen reruns of all the provocative speeches were telecasted which did not do much good for the departing soul.
The man had the power and he knew how to use it, I think the next in line is Raj Thackeray. But I hope he doesn’t do the same mistake that shiv sena did. Balasaheb no doubt did good things but it is human mentality to remember only the bad part, and people who work under him always handled everything like goons. Showcasing your strength in everything is not acceptable. And unfortunately this very thing brought shame to the party.
Just the next day after Balasaheb’s cremation, a case came up that 2 girls from panvel were arrested because of some facebook post and the shiv sena supporters had ransacked her relatives clinic (her dad’s I suppose) well this is what degrades the name of shiv sena, after all the respect and praises that the people had in their hearts, this clearly makes you want to reconsider your thinking. We live in a Democracy the lady has equal rights to put forth her views and opinion the way you have. Only difference here is that she didn’t have a political party supporting her and thus she ended up being arrested.
I just hope that nothing more happens due to the Samarakh issue. Yes, a Balasaheb samarakh should be there, but not in Shivaji Park, it is a ground and let it be that. You can take any other place around Shivaji Park. I just hope they retain Shivaji Park. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Have I come a long way?

Changes that happen within you sometimes go unnoticed. I have been practicing a certain Buddhist philosophy for almost 2years now and with all the wonders that it has done to me one was which I recently realized, and I thought that I should document it through the blog so as to remember it. I am a kind of person who will be all tears in no time, like I can cry (I do cry) for almost any small matter… thinking of every aspect in life practically is something which comes naturally to me thanks to my mother, but getting all teared up is a must. For a long time I have been praying to make myself more professional and strong so as to handle my professional life nicely. So the other day when my collogue pointed out that she finds me strong headed I realized that I have actually changes. I have been able to handle all aspects of my life by giving it my best, be it at my work place or my relationship with my family, friends and my boyfriend (hopefully)
So well, I am just happy
And a very Happy Diwali to all you wonderful people!!! Have a safe and joyous Diwali… be safe and don’t burst too many crackers. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Starbucks and all the tamasha!

Since the time when the first news of Starbucks opening its first outlet in Mumbai hit the newspapers, I was eager to try the coffee there and see how the “best” coffee in world tastes like. So the other day we decided to go and finally check it out.
Nestled in the plush and almost foreign looking part of Fort, Mumbai where everything has an elegant British touch to it is Starbucks. We reached there around 9pm so I was hoping that it will be almost empty because, honestly 9pm is not a great time for coffee. I was half worried if I would be able to sleep at night or not, but thanks to the tiring day that I was snoring the moment I touched the bed. Yes so at 9pm him and I entered starbucks and I was shocked to see  a bigggg queue for coffee, and almost no place to sit. So he stood in the line and I went table hunting ( if you can call it that).
The coffee however was not that great, it could have easily been something from CCD put in a Starbucks cup, but the price we (he) paid for it was totally great! What I really liked about the place was its interior, being an International brand, I was expecting it to have a plush interior but rather they had gone for the Indian Ethnic theme. The whole interior reflected the Indian ethnic style, with warm colours and pots and other decorative items used.
The place however were filled with wanna be Guju people ( I shouldn’t be saying this as I am part gujju) who just wanted to prove once again that they are cool. Some teenagers who were more interested in taking pictures than the coffee (I bet all these pictures went on facebook, once again trying to prove that they are cool and RICH!)
And I know I have already said this, but the interior is FABULOUS! loved it :D

PS – I almost forgot to mention the flooring, they have these patterns on the floors which look amazing… ( yes I am floored by the interior.) 

About time to ban the Victoria’s?

Let’s take a ride on the horse Carriage,  he said.
No, I can’t do that, I feel bad for the horses already that they have to pull so much weight while the humans have the time of their life. But I won’t do that, She said.
It was their 4year anniversary and as the ritual they had gone to Gateway of India, where they had their very first official date.
Horse carriages or Victoria’s ( as I recently came to know what they are called) has been a part of Gateway of India for a long time now. But the recent controversy being that it should be banned as it is a cruelty to the animals, I kindof agree with the cruelty part, but I wont support the band wagon of banning them altogether. Yes but some rules has to be laid down regarding the welfare of the animals. Such carriages are there abroad as well, but with their owners taking proper care of them and with some rules which looks on to that the animals are kept well, we can do something like that in India also right?
A complete ban doesn’t seem legit as it has been a part of Mumbai for a long time now, yes some changes and some ways to improve it are definitely welcomed. Also some monetary aid for the owner of these Victoria’s could be beneficial as that will allow them to take good care of the horses or else animal welfare organizations can take up this job and work along with the owners.