Saturday, October 5, 2013

The government needs to set its priorities right!

So I read a very disturbing news today, “Government to amend law to put MP/MLAs trails on fast track”, wait! Why??? What is the point of wasting the resources on people who were given a chance and they took advantage of the power and in turn did crime.  Mr. Rahul Gandhi in a very nice political and in an almost heroic way called the ordinance nonsense, insulted the PM in a way, and showed that he is capable of doing the right things, the ordinance was cancelled and Rahul was a hero in the eyes of a common man, this was congress’s way of showcasing that they don’t support corruption and crime and yet here is the news that these cases will be solved in a fast track case, like Hello! What about Shakti Mills Rape Case? What about Adarsh Scam? What about Coal Gate? What about those million cases which are pending in the court for ages! So in on one hand they show that they are supporting the right by withdrawing the ordinance and then on the other hand they pass such laws that will help them give corrupt politicians a clean chit faster.
If we have resources for Fast Track courts then why can’t we use them to help the greater good, for the public’s welfare, to bring law and order in the country in a new quicker and effective way? 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Breaking the Stereotype

Today is Gandhi Jayanti, a day which is nothing more than a public holiday to today’s generation. They will sleep around the whole day, watch a news report about Gandhi and crib about the “Dry Day” (  the intelligent sorts have already stocked up their house with alcohol last night ) yet whenever we talk about Gandhi it is a socially accepted fact that we should always praise him, why so? Because according to our history textbooks Indian Independence Struggle was all about Gandhi and others were just not that important.

So today I expected the Twitter world to be all talks about Gandhi, surprisingly it wasn’t! There were many negative remarks, many things said against him etc and finally I understood that there are other people who share my feelings and that it is not just me who dislike Gandhi. Though it’s a small step and whatever happens in the virtual world cannot be applied to the rest of the country considering so many in the country are not even close to learning about internet.  But so many stereotypes and a general understanding that I had in my mind about the guy on our currency was shattered today, I saw almost everything in a new light. The thoughts are changing, the opinions are changing and people are making it a point that their opinion are heard and that’s a happy thought!