Sunday, January 5, 2014

Theatre etc

I am not home but then again I just want to want to post and keep up the challenge and thats the explaination for this rushed up post . So for those who know me, already are aware that I am associated with theatre and generally we hear about things from audience point of view but today ill write of experience from a non audience point of view.
By the time I came in the theatre most of the audience had already reached as I went in casually dressed and without any make up on very little people took notice of me its when the lady guard who checks everyones bag let me go in unchecked and when I directly went in the auditorium no question asked while others were still waiting outside did the people started taking notice of me, heads started turning and some people started wondering if they have seen me in some play. And would take this opportunity to accept that I absolutely love this attention.
And I enter backstage, its the first show so obviously people are tensed, worked up and screaming. I enter to the site of music man abusing his ipod for not being the best. The set designer is present on the stage making some last minute changes. The women are going crazy with all their makeup, clothes, acceosries and shoes. The most chilled out place always is the mens room, youll always find people chilling, having tea and talking about almost everything under the sun.
There is another another ritual that is to have tea before the show like its absolutely necessary. One of the senior actress once told me, "Its more of a psychology or a ritual than actually being a nessecity"
And now that I am talking about theatre I would also like to add that the entire crew takes lots of effort to put up a show, and even though its the same over and over again not once do they take it lightly and just do for the sake of it. I know people who have performed at an evening show even though there was a death in the family in the morning.

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