Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gulaab Gang - Movie Review

I just have one word for the entire experience – Unsatisfactory! With all the hype and with a star cast of Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla I expected a much better experience. I honestly feel that a biopic on Sampat Pal would have had a better influence and a better impact than this frictional character which we know has its roots in Sampat Pal.
 The story goes for a toss after the first half hour of the movie. The screen play doesn’t do much to hold the audience’s attention.
 The songs are another irritating part of the movie… aren’t we over the phase where songs were a “Must Have” in a movie? All the songs in the movie are unasked for and ruin the remaining seriousness or the logical link that the movie has.
 I was waiting for at least one scene that would make me go WOW! But unfortunately that didn’t happen.
 I honestly think Juhi Chawla did a better job than Madhuri Dixit here, she was able to do justice to her character.

Even as I write this I can only think of things I can criticize so ill just keep it short and say go watch Queen instead of Gulaab Gang. (I haven’t seen Queen but Internet is all praises about it)

Monday, March 10, 2014

That Feeling

Something was different with her… a state where she is happy and sad both at the same time. While someone was causing her extreme hurt there was this other person who gave her the much needed peace of mind.
They were talking on text on and off for days now…
I want to go for a Drive. She message him
How about in an hour? He replied back…
She couldn’t believe that this was happening, she had made a  passing comment about what she wants to do and he was ready to come do it with her. There was no message for the next 1hour and she thought he must have fallen asleep..
One hour later…
Chaley drive pe? He messaged!
A smile spread across her face. Chalo! She replied.
Though there are some formalities to follow, some not-so-usual situations to handle. But she hopes things work out the way she makes them work out in her head.

There is something different… she is drawn to him like never before.