Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Francesco’s Pizzeria, Kemps Corner

Found this little pizzeria with cozy interior in the heart of a busy surrounding in Mumbai. The place is small but very cozy, friendly staff and good food. You get a variety of pizza and some other side dishes. We went around 10pm so the place was empty which kindof worked in our favour as I personally don’t like eating with millions of people around me.
We ordered 2 pizzas and a Chocolate filled Bun (the name is something else, I can’t remember it now)
The place is quite reasonable too…
The only thing my friend had a problem was that he thought the crust was too thin, I found it okay though. I guess that is more of a personal choice.
If you are ever in the locality you should really try this place out! :)

Overall I would give it 3.5 out of 5

Picture is taken from their FacebookPage

Thursday, April 3, 2014

C= Cravings

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before or not, but recently when I was in a book store with a friend we stumbled upon a book on Cravings and there was a quiz about why we crave for things and I am super embarrassed to say that they result for the quiz I took said that I use food as an excuse to feel happy… of course I laughed it off that time and thought it was just a stupid book, of course it’s not true however as I did ponder on it later I realized that part of it is true.
 So much has been going on in my life ever since 2014 started that I honestly don’t know if I have life as sorted as I thought it was.  I guess I want someone to who I can just pour my heart out and tell that person every tiny thing without the fear of being judged or misunderstood (everything we do is not 100% right you know). And until that thing happens food is my way out – I think!
This posts make me look super sad so I think I will stop now! J Good Day!

Chinese and Chocolates have been the major Cravings that I keep having these days and all of them start with a C so I couldn’t post anything else today.

PS- I found this super quick Cravings Quiz/Test ... Give it a try.. tell me what are you craving for?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B = Blue

Colours  add a wonderful twist to our lives… a dash of bright coloured clothes can help you make a little bit more cheerful on days when you are not at all excited about going to work or a little bit of pink and you are all set to feel the feminine side of you or wearing that little black dress and entering a party feeling like a diva. For me however colours only meant one thing – BLUE! The obsession started I don’t know when but I clearly had a hard time explaining my female friends back when we were little that its not compulsory to like PINK always!
You can even figure out my love for the colour by my blog!
Here is a list of 5 things why liking one colour has worked for me
1.       Everything automatically matches… considering I always take the Blue of almost everything that I buy it is never a hassel for me to mix and match clothes.
2.       People never get confused about what colour to buy for me – be it anything.. clothes, bags, scarfs, water bottle, pencil… Buy blue and you are sorted.
3.       Sometimes there are things that you don’t like and the only good thing in it is the colour!
4.       A way to differ from other girls who like Pink / Red
5.       I never get confused with colours! Its always the one for me :D

So whats your favourite colour?

A = Anxious

So I was wondering what will be a topic that will give me a lot of things to write about and still enjoy it without giving up mid way like I have done for countless other Challenges that I took up. The answer was pretty simple - write about things you like! so here goes, I am going to blog about things that matter to me, things I like, hate, dont approve of or approve of etc... you get the idea right?
This may also seem like a tag post... basically a tag post helps give out more information about yourself this will kindof be like that.
And exactly like what I wrote above I am late for the first blog post itself.. sorry for that! So I am going to post 2 posts today ( is that allowed? )

A = Anxious 
Yes so if someone knows me they’ll know that one of the most obvious trait that  I showcase is being Anxious about almost everything and anything. I get worked up by any damn situation and doesn’t matter if that involves something that is in my control or not. I absolutely can’t stand suspense or even wait for something… I need to know things like now!!!
Sometimes obviously I know it irritates the hell out of people who are around me but the good thing is that they put up with that J ( such lovely people around me you see :D a big hug to all of them! ) I don’t even understand people who are completely at peace with the situation around them … someone recently told me that its to do with the age, I don’t agree with it ofcourse.. dude I am 22 how much more older do you want me to get?

 That’s another thing I would like to talk about here AGE! Its more of a confession here actually… I am super petrified with the fact that I am growing up! My birthday is fast approaching that all I want from it is the party but not the growing old part. People generally start panicking when they reach 30 ( or that’s what I have heard ) and if that is true then its happening way to soon for me. Do anyone of you feel the same or am I the only one here?