Monday, May 5, 2014

A little bit of nice would be nice no?

I have noticed that these days around, there has been a lot of police checking happening in Mumbai at night, which is a good thing! I think I have written about this before as well about how safe that is for girls and about how it makes me feel safe that someone is out there for my security. Yesterday however I saw it in a new light; I was out with a friend, just a drive and some hanging out. We went to Juhu Beach for a walk and didn’t realize that it had got pretty late as we were returning to where the car was parked some police were there to vacate the place and they told us to leave.  We tried explaining them that our car was parked there at it would be a real long walk if we have to go from the main road, but they were adamant and in this explaining which happened they passed a comment which I would have until some years back would have taken way to seriously but now I have kind of got used to accepting that this is the way Mumbai Police talk!
So my point here is, is it really that necessary? Is it really necessary to insult or pass some statements which might be offensive for some people? Especially when the female can hear them. There has been couple of times that I heard such stories… actually worse than what happened with me but now that I experienced it I know it’s not a nice feeling.
There was this one article which my friend had sent me where police created quite a ruckus just because a guy was talking to his girlfriend below her building at Worli.
Of course I don’t blame them totally, they have their share of irritating situations to deal with as well and all this rudeness kind of originates from there.  For example, I just saw this tweet

I am sure this is just a tiny part of all the hardships that they go through. Another part is where we as citizen don’t appreciate them; won’t you like it if someone appreciates for your hard work?
This one time our professor said, “Police force doesn’t get the much deserved appreciation and importance. Next time you see a traffic police man, go up to them offer them some water and thank them for maintaining proper traffic conditions”. At this the class kind of gave out a laughter and she was amazed she pointed out that this ignorance that we have is one of the reasons why even the police don’t feel like treating us good. Maybe it’s also the fact that they deal with criminals and goons so often that somehow they end up talking like them.
Again something I read online about a few teenagers in a car who mocked a traffic police man at Andheri near Infinity mall.
I think a being a bit nice on both side would do everyone some good. 


  1. Had stumbled upon some archived text some time back.
    It seems the Indian police (during the British Raj) was underpaid and they had to seek "other means" to supplement their income. Unfortunately the situation has not changed even after a century.

  2. you are right a Bit of nicety goes a long way.. I think the impression that indian police has is not good and everyone is looked upon with the same eye..
    there are good and bad but we seem to always remember bad and forget the good quiet easy ..


  3. @ Haddock - That is right, Police wages are low and corruption kind of becomes their only way to make ends meet. Sad!

    @ Bikram - That is the unfortunate truth :(

  4. Very insightful post. Makes me remember the episode of Satyamev Jayate about Indian Police Officers.

  5. Agree with the thoughts shared here. Somebody said it so rightly that we must learn to regard people less in the light of what they do or omit to do, and more in the light of what they suffer!! The pic is so shocking.