Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Real World

So my college has officially ended, I gave my last board paper yesterday and that is the final bye bye to Mumbai University.  And now starts the days when everyone will keep asking what I am planning next, when am I going to start working etc etc and the aunties are going to keep asking my mother when I am getting married.
For now I am totally clueless about what next
After finishing the paper yesterday I messaged a friend saying that it is officially OVER! And he replies, “Welcome to the Real World”

I wonder what the “Real World” has in store for me, right now it’s such a scary world really where you have no idea about what to do, where to go and basically what in store for you in future.  Today is one such day, where I got up with absolutely no plan for the day, with no assignments/projects to do, no college to attend, no studying etc and so far it honestly is boring. 


  1. Wishing you best of luck for your future in the 'Real World' :) Just be brave and confident and you will be fine wherever you go :)

  2. All the best .. always ..

    I did comment on your previous article too, but for some reason it hasnot gone through


  3. @Emily Walsh - Thank you!
    @Bikram - Thank you so much!Ill check about the previous comment, something is wrong with my settings I guess.Thanks for pointing that out :)
    @Haricharan Pudipeddi - Thank you so much! for now it is all confusing and super scary :)

  4. Thats the parody of life...
    When we are children, we want to grow up.. and once grown up, we wish were children...
    Also during shool and collge days, we want to go to work and earn. Once we start earning, we wish that we were still leading a student's carefree life...

    So for now, enjoy the vacations...
    Dont think anything :)

    PS: I wish that you remove the Captcha

  5. @Locomente - That is so true! Yes its going to be alot of doing basically nothing for a month now :) and yes Captcha has been removed!

  6. The real u know....what u sud do next....u sud sit alone for sm time...relax...and ask urself....what do u want..bcoz u hv to do it asap...time passes very fast....n today is the right time to do wat u is the right moments to run to get ur dreams....dont listen to anyone else....dont fear the failure.... Bcoz it wud be due to ur own decision....n life is too short to live as per others decision....!!!