Monday, July 28, 2014

My Experience

I have been shopping online for quite some time now, being the obsessive me I always need things to be sorted and well organized. This is exactly what I look for when I am shopping online. Easy navigation, proper description of products, offers and good customer service is what I generally look for and had it all. The very first time I went on to the site I absolutely loved the amazing variety of products that they had – you can find everything on Jabong. No need to go through 10 different sites.
The delivery process was also very smooth. Prompt email confirmations and updates via SMS made me feel relaxed and not worry about the delivery. (I have had some bad experiences on other sites where the product wasn’t delivered on time or was lost etc). The delivery was actually done before time despite the heavy rains! This really impressed me. 

The product was packed in a nice way so as to avoid any kind of damage during delivery.
Because it was such a hassle free and smooth experience I decided to blog about it, after all such experiences are rare.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Orkut Love Story

With everyone posting stuff about how Orkut is important to them and fellow bloggers posting in their memories of the Social Networking site. I thought, “Hey! I have a story to tell as well” so here I go!
            I remember being overly hooked by the site. With school, Classes and Tuitions taking up most of the time me along with some friends used to frequent the local cyber caf├ęs and eagerly check our new scraps, testimonials etc. Orkut made my initial years of the World Wide Web so much more interesting.
            Coming to the story, I met him via Orkut. Although I confused him with someone else the conversation kept happening. Scraps turned to Gtalk and then Yahoo messenger. There were days when we spoke till 4am and still there was so much that we didn’t share that the conversation continued the next day. It was funny how someone I hadn’t even met then had become so close, guess conversation covers up the distance. Words and feeling can bring people together especially when you share every small thing that you do, however over the years that changed.
            I still remember the first time we met 6 months later. Awkward but glad that we could see each other in the real world and not virtual. The next day he proposed me and it was all wonderful with little ups and down for the next 6years.

            To be honest I used to secretly enjoy the reactions I used to get whenever I told someone we met via Orkut. We always used to feel that we are lucky to find each other. Just a little too perfect everything was as time passed of course things changed and the perfect everything changed to not-so-perfect everything. Words like destiny, lucky, made for each other lost its value over the years and now we are no more together. Now when I think about it, it is perfect! It kind of is weird actually that it ended when Orkut announced that it’s closing. I see a perfect circle completing. Destiny is all I can say…

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Random acts of Kindness

After a completely messed up day at work I decided to cab back home to avoid the trouble and the struggle of surviving a crowded bus and traffic. Obviously it’s not so easy to even get a cab here in Mumbai at peak hours so as that struggle was on a little girl heard me ask the cabbie if he would come to Prabhadevi. When I was turned down by him as well she came up to me smiled and said,
“Ithun Prabhadevi saathi bus ahe, me dakhavte kuthun te” ( there is a bus here for Prabhadevi , I’ll show you from where)

The mere willingness to help was so cute that I let her just help me out. Not only did I save the cab money it also made me smile for the first time in that day.