Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Bundle of Joy

My grandmother always used to tell my mother, “The happiness that a child brings into a house cannot be recreated by anything or anyone else”. I was too young to understand the meaning behind this that time. Now however I understand exactly what she meant. Although there is no child in my house now I am going to write about this little girl who is my neighbour.
I had just come back from college when my mother announced that neighbour had a baby girl. I rushed to congratulate them and have a look at the baby.  The cuteness made everyone fall in love with her the first time they saw her. She had suddenly become the center of attraction in the building especially my floor where the childs story kept coming everyday.
As she grew up, she turned into this enthusiastic little kid who would never sit at one place. Constant looking after her was needed as it was by now understood that you leave her unattended for some time and she would come up with some mischeif.
Everyone loved  her and she knew that she has the potential to make anyone over look her mischeif just by her cuteness.
Suddenly she became a part of our everyday conversation. We would shop for her even ever we came across some cute baby stuff in the mall. ABCD and Humpty Dumpty also became a norm where anyone who is free shall start teaching her.
Just because of her the entire floor had a new life, a new happiness and a new story to listen to from her parents about what new things she did. This is when I understood what my grandmother said, a little quirky, enthusiastic child had really brought in so much joy and happiness in our lives. To by honest, I never wanted her to grow up. 
It was around the time of her birthday that she fell ill. She was admitted in a hospital. The gloom and sadness felt by everyone was obvious. It was as if all of us were going through some stress. It hurted not seeing her playing outside every morning, or the regular crying and wailing during lunch / dinner time just because she didn’t like what was cooked.
She had become the center of our daily lives. Like seriously a little kid who does nothing but just try new ways to mess up the house and come up with ideas which are going to just create more trouble for the parents actually earns everyones love. The day she was ill, everyone was back to being grim and living their life like a machine.
Kids really help take the stress out our lives. We forget that we have stress and suddenly fairytales become real. You laugh at silly jokes and even crack a few to see the little one laugh. Your backpain goes away in a jiffy just because you want to give the little one a piggy back ride. So much a child does for us, and it is really sad when a child falls sick. You can’t see the pain they are going through, you would happily take the sickness and let the child be. That’s the magic of children, they just know how to spread happiness and more so when they are all fit, fine and healthy so they can run as far as they want to, create as much a mess they wish, and spread the most biggest smile on your face.

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