Monday, October 20, 2014

Garnier BB Cream

Wearing makeup, dressing up was really not my thing ever. It was one of those things that I just
could never get a hang of. Obviously I tried certain things but nothing ever came up to live up my expectation which basically was that it should be something very easy , not complicated, quick and gave perfect result.
As I said earlier I have tried a lot things but they all seem to ask for a little more attention than I was willing to give, so when I got to know about BB creams I was instantly attracted towards them.  Again it wasn’t an easy task, I tried a few BB creams but they just didn’t seem to work right for me. When I told a friend about it she said,“ it’s just a cream, how can you have problems with that as well? ”
 You see some of them didn’t mosturize my skin well, some of them left a white finish on the face and one of them just caused me acne. It took me a long time to figure what was causing acne but the damage was done till then.
Anyway so when I tried on Garnier BB Cream I was a bit apprehensive considering all my previous experiences.  This product however surprised  me, the consistency is not very thick thus making it easy to apply. It doesn’t leave a white finish on my face. It is also not sticky. However it doesn’t do much work when it comes coverage but an even tone and bit of a base is what you are looking for then this shall work wonders. Also I like the fact that it’s not very costly as compared to other products which are available in the market.
I had applied this and my friends did notice that there was something different, they asked me if I had done something to my skin which basically told me that the product is working for me. It gave my skin a healthy glow, made it look mosturized and healthy.
I liked the fact that this requires the least time. I just used a small dollop of the cream on my face and neck, as said earlier it blended with my skin in almost no time. I gave it rest for like 2mins for it to set and then applied my compact powder. And there! I was all set, I put on some Kajal and Masacara a nude lipstick and lip balm and I was good to go. It stayed on for around 6-7 hours I guess, I didn’t time this. It was also hot outside and I was in the sun most of the time, that remind me it also has SPF 24 so you neednt worry about the sun as well.

Over all I loved this product and has already become a part of my daily routine

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