Sunday, October 5, 2014

Love Games and All That Jazz!

“Nothing, we just went for lunch”, I told them hoping that would put an end to all the questions I had no answers to.
Obviously the questions were far from over.

“So do you like him?”
“Why don’t you ask him out?”
oh! I am not very sure if I have the guts to do that. Plus I don’t even know what if he likes me, actually I am not very sure about what I feel for him as well.”

“ If he does ask you out, what would you say?”, this question made me pause.
“ I think ill say yes!”, I was surprised how easily I could answer that.
“You need to make me ask you out”, a friend chirped in.
“How do you ‘make’ someone do that?” I enquired.

see, you need to make him jealous. Make him feel that you have other people as well. Don’t message him for a week. Whenever he asks you out say no!” and the list went on about what are the dos and don’ts of making someone ask you out!

“What rubbish! I am not doing any of this. If he likes me, he will ask me out. Simple!” I rubbished all their ideas after he completed his half our monologue.

On the way home I found myself thinking about the it over and over again. Does one have to go through all this drill just to make someone know that they have feelings for them.

I was in a six year long relationship and honestly now I feel so weird at times. Its like I have entered some different era of dating. There are rules and dating apps and all those cheesy lines (like wtf is up people?)


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  2. Hmm... some guys like it when guys play hard to get, lekin it could backfire also. Do what your heart tells u to do :)

  3. I dont know what the current dating rules and games are. But I think simply letting the other person know what you feel should work well just like it did years ago! :)