Sunday, October 19, 2014

Meri Wali Diwali

The moment I turned 18, I started asking my mother to get me a scooty. Now my mother is of the thinking that scooty is dangerous, cars on the other hand are safer. So that birthday I didn’t get any gift as we couldn’t come to terms about what exactly I want. Scooty and bike war was on in the house.

Forward to Diwali.
On my way out I took my keys from the counter. I noticed that there was one more key attached to it. I asked my mother about it only to be surprised that she had actually got me a car!
Mind you that time I knew nothing about cars, I hadnt even enrolled for driving lessons. 
While writing this article I realised that I have generally got such  surprises on Diwali, right from my first cycle!

Diwali brings in so much joy and for me it’s the anticipation of what’s going to happen next.
Another reason why I just love Diwali is because I we have kind of a ritual with my extended family (friends).  On the first day of diwali we all dress up and meetup, burst some crackers, although crackers have been stopped now considering all the environmental issues. It was something that happened without planning and before we knew it it was a tradition.

I like how such small small things brings people together. Diwali also gives you a reason to get back with people, contact them again. We all know that we are all distant these days, it wasn’t so earlier. Diwali gives you a perfect way to bring in the bond back. Family members visit eachother even though they have just spent a year of very less or no contact.

Another thing why I love diwali is because it takes me back to my roots and to my family. The whole year is spent meeting college deadlines, with friends, trying to be updated with fashion and dealing with all the petty problems which at that time looks like the most important thing ever.  Diwali gives me a reason to learn about my culture, dress in those sexy saries and adorable kurtis, meet all the family and learn cooking! Yes, I don’t know how to make dal rice but I very well know (okay, somewhat know) how to make modaks, shankarpali, chakli, chivda and besan che ladoo (all marathi diwali delicacies)

Diwali also brings in lots of holidays, all the more reason to love the festival and spend time with family and people you care about.

Oh and how can I forget gift? As much as I love receiving gifts, I also love the process of buying gifts for everyone. I feel it instantly connects people. You are thoughtful and buy things which you think the opposite person shall like. Just the thought that someone has actually brought something for you and they have put efforts into it is so cute.

In so many ways Diwali is not just a festival, it is a collection of memories, of opportunities and a lot more.

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