Monday, November 17, 2014

Each One Needs One

“I have to Pee”, I told my friend sitting next to me.
We were on a road trip, it was past midnight and the last dhaba we went to had horrible toilets. There was no proper water supply, it was stinking and there were about thousand mosquitoes ready to bite. We came out in a second, deciding that we would wait until we find a better place. Which unfortunately we didn’t find.

So there we were past midnight on a highway with nowhere to pee. We talked about how lucky guys were to be able to get to business where ever they liked. Of course girls had to abide by some rules. We waited an hour more but when it was just difficult to wait it out we decided it was time to go the guy way and get it done in the bushes along the highway. That wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Those crazy bushes, rats and I half imagined a snake biting me.

All this just makes me wonder why we need to go through such a struggle for something which is so natural and normal and a basic need!

Just because it causes no real problem to a guy does that mean that we start ignoring the basic needs needed by the other gender? And even if we do find a bathroom, they are not at all sanitized.
This doesn’t mean that it’s just the dhabas and the highway that has problems. Even the city’s Sulabh Sauchalay is in horrible state. Ladies often prefer going to a nearby mall or a restaurant than use the public toilets.

Recently there was a case of a few girls getting abducted and raped when they had gone to a lonely place to relieve themselves. If this is the kind of fear we live in then it really is scary. A proper toilet could have saved those girls the horrors of getting raped.

It’s over 60 years since our independence and the major issue that our PM candidates talk about is building toilets! I appreciate that finally someone has addressed the issues and I hope that he works on it. But 60 years into independence, we have advanced so much but we still have toilet as a major issues? This really sounds sad.

Even during the Maharashtra State elections, one of the party leader raised the same issue. It really sounds logical. Women need washrooms, that time of the month and otherwise as well.

I am glad that Domex has taken up this initiative. Such awareness campaigns help people realize the importance of such issues which generally are ignored or are overlooked. 

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